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Advantages of UK Pallet Delivery for Businesses

04 Jan 2018

UK businesses looking for effective shipping solutions will find plastic pallet delivery a really worthwhile option to consider. Using pallets to transport your goods from A to B offers a whole host of benefits, and here are just some of them.

plastic pallet shipping

Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age, being environmentally aware is essential for businesses, and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint is fast becoming a prime concern. One of the most important plastic pallet advantages is that this shipping solution is very friendly to the planet. Plastic pallets can be used many times, and since they can store many items at once, it reduces the need to ship items individually, thus cutting out further packaging waste.


Businesses that take advantage of plastic pallet delivery can also feel reassured that their products are being stored and handled as safely as possible. This means items are less likely to get damaged during the transportation process, so customers receive their goods in one piece. Where goods are at risk of damage during the transit process, this not only reduces customer satisfaction – potentially resulting in loss of future business – but it will also mean businesses have extra costs to replace any damaged items. Plastic pallet shipping may be particularly advantageous to those firms transporting goods that are fragile or at risk of damage using other shipping methods.

Cost Savings

As well as reducing costs by limiting damage during transit, other plastic pallet advantages focus on cost savings made by the affordable rates associated with shipping many items in one pallet. This is a much cheaper method to transport goods compared to sending items individually. Since plastic pallets can also be re-used many times, you don’t have to keep buying new ones each time you ship products, thus keeping your costs down.

Faster Delivery

Speed is important for both suppliers and customers when it comes to shipping products, and those businesses that have a fast, efficient delivery service are highly rated by recipients. The beauty of choosing plastic pallets as a delivery solution is that this is a much quicker way to pack and ship goods compared to standard parcel deliveries. Goods can be easily loaded and unloaded using fork-lift trucks and then easily moved to their final destination. Certainly, if you need to ship products to customers as quickly as possible, the plastic pallet makes a hard-to-beat solution.

Reduced Labour Requirements

When you use plastic pallets to ship many items, you don’t need as much labour compared to packing and distributing items individually. Less reliance of labour means cost savings for businesses.


Providing a fast turnaround for delivery and reducing costs by using a safe, environmentally friendly shipping option can help a business to become more efficient in the long term. By choosing plastic pallet delivery, businesses can devote the cost and time savings to developing other aspects of their enterprise, further boosting their efficiencies. In the long run, this may even contribute to increased profits.

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