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The Christmas Boom

28 Oct 2014

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is already almost upon us. This means that the nation’s shops and online stores are already ramping up in preparation for the busiest sales period of the year. There is money to be made for every well-organised and prepared operator, and this year may just see the ‘perfect storm’ of conditions for the best possible festive-season business. There are a number of reasons for this, and the operator who understands them all will be well placed to profit from them.

Reasons for a Bumper Christmas

After a horrendous dip during the financial crisis, the economy is finally starting to recover. The haulage and distribution sector is often the first to feel the effects of such a recovery. As unemployment drops and people have more money in their pockets, their confidence rises and they tend to spend more. Almost everything in the shops has to be delivered by road, and that means a rise in business for the road transport sector.

What Else Can I Do to Maximise My Returns?

The key to enjoying the best business during the busy festive delivery period is efficiency. This will involve all the usual skills of maximising route efficiencies and ensuring that the proper resources are all in place, but it could also mean that the time is right to switch to plastic pallets. Every minute wasted trying to work with damaged pallets is money lost, and plastic pallets have a number of advantages over their traditional wooden counterparts.

They are lighter but can handle the same weights, so this means that effective payloads will be increased.
They also stack easily, saving time when loading and unloading.
The pallets can also be made to interlock with one another during transit, which greatly increases stability and minimises damage.
They are also incredibly robust and less prone to breakage, making them more reliable and easier to work with.

At busy times like the run-up to Christmas, time is indeed money. The operator needs to maximise his processes with regards to time efficiency.. Modern plastic pallets are like lubricating oil in the distribution process, allowing everything to operate more smoothly. To maximise returns this Christmas, these small changes could deliver big results.

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