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Considerations To Make Before Purchasing Plastic Pallets

16 Jul 2018

When purchasing plastic pallets there are a number of factors to bear in mind, as not all pallets are the same and neither are the tasks that they are expected to accomplish. Before making a purchase you want to think about the characteristics of the pallet you are considering and evaluate whether they are an effective match for the shipping task at hand.

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Type of Journey

The destination of your goods is a major consideration when choosing the right pallet for the job. There is a huge difference between shipping goods to a country in Africa and sending them to a suburban address a few counties away. When shipping abroad there are other parameters to factor in such as inspections, border controls and taking preventative action to guard against infestation by insects or parasites.

Thinking about purchasing plastic pallets could be a good idea when you are shipping abroad, as treatment for insects is not necessary when pallets are constructed of plastic, which is easy to clean and sanitise. Plastic is also an excellent choice of pallet material in situations where the goods require a high standard of hygiene. When selecting pallets you also want to think about whether the pallets will be used many times or just once. For pallets that are expected to make many trips and deliver longevity, plastic can be a good choice – apart from being easy to clean, they are also durable and are not affected by damp and wet conditions. The conditions of the shipping journey will also affect the condition of the pallet and the goods it is transporting, so a strong pallet is required when weather can be extreme or if the environment is harsh.

Weight and Compatibility

Some goods are much heavier than others, so the pallet you choose must be strong enough to give the goods adequate support and protection during the shipping process. The pallets may also need to be moved by forklift or stacked during storage, and the pallet must be capable of fulfilling these demands. When purchasing plastic pallets, the design can be modified to accommodate particular needs during shipping, especially when weights are expected to be quite heavy.

The pallets must also be suited to the type of equipment that will be used to move or store them. The pallets may need to be compatible with a range of automated systems in various warehouse and storage facilities. When purchasing plastic pallets, it is good to bear in mind that they are very durable in a range of conditions and can be manufactured to incorporate design features that help them to seamlessly integrate with most modern shipping facilities.

Pallet management is also worth thinking about when choosing pallets. You want to be sure that the pallet provider you select can provide the pallets you need when you need them. A pallet provider who has a quick turnover time can also be handy when there are large or unexpected demands for extra pallets. Another thing to think about when purchasing plastic pallets is how easy they are to store when compared with other options. Plastic pallets can be stored almost anywhere, as they are impervious to weather, and they can be designed to slot together to take up minimal space.

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