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Frequently Asked Questions About Used Plastic Pallets

23 May 2018

Many of our new customers hold some very common misconceptions about used plastic pallets. The biggest one is that used pallets are not suitable for reuse. This assumption is so far from the truth that we decided it’s time to explain a little more about plastic pallets and their uses and benefits.

used plastic pallets

Why Should I Choose a Used Plastic Pallet?

The main advantages of used plastic over used wooden pallets are both operational and financial. The used plastic pallet is lighter, has a longer life expectancy and is water and fluid resistant.

How Is a Lighter Pallet an Advantage?

From a transportation point of view, used plastic pallets are lighter and therefore cheaper to move. And while the difference in weight between plastic and wood may not seem considerable, when transporting hundreds of pallets the difference soon adds up. What’s more, lighter plastic pallets are easier to move individually by hand and when they are stored or stacked, they don’t damage one another.

Don’t All Pallets Have the Same Life Expectancy?

In short, no. Wooden pallets are cheap to produce and quickly discarded. This means the initial outlay may be less but so is the life expectancy. While new plastic pallets can be expensive, the used variety, as long as they have been thoroughly inspected, can be much cheaper. These offer many businesses a better investment route to owning their own pallets. Sourcing, shipping and taking delivery of new pallets also all add to the time and financial spend. Do it once and do it right.

Why Should I Care About Fluid Resistance?

Plastic pallets can be used for a range of different products and foodstuffs simply because they’re fluid-resistant. Their water resistance means they can be stored outside, and it makes them a more hygienic choice. They are easier to wash and clean and don’t encourage microbial growth. Likewise, spilt chemicals can’t seep into their surfaces. This adds to their longevity and also their usability. But fluid resistance is also an environmental advantage. Our air is moist, and with wooden pallets moisture can cause them to grow and shrink and ultimately break apart.

Which Pallet Is Right for Me?

There is a range of plastic pallets to choose from, and all have different advantages. We supply the Standard 1200 x 1000 pallets, Euro pallets and specialist non-standard pallets.

Depending on what you need to ship and where it is going, different pallets are used. The best way to find out exactly which pallet would suit your business best, is to pick up the phone and gives us a call.

If you’d like to learn more about how used plastic pallets can help you get more done more cost-effectively, take a look at our ultimate guide here:

The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Pallets

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