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Future Growth of the Plastic Pallet Industry

20 Aug 2018

Compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets have several advantages – ones which far outweigh their initial higher price. The first is their durability: plastic pallets don’t splinter or break apart as easily as their wooden counterparts and aren’t as susceptible to damage from extreme temperature changes, water or chemical spills.

They are also less likely to cause damage to your goods because they are easy to keep clean and hygienic, making them especially useful when storing or transporting food or pharmaceuticals as there is a lower risk of contamination.

And they are less likely to create a health and safety risk because they don’t use nails to hold them together or have sharp corners that might catch people walking by. They are much lighter, meaning they are easier to lift and carry, reducing the risk of injury.

With such benefits it’s probably no surprise that more and more companies are using plastic pallets, meaning the future growth of the plastic pallet industry is looking very positive indeed.

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What Regions Will See the Biggest Future Growth of the Plastic Pallet Industry?

According to the Global Industry Analysis 2012-2016 report completed by Persistence Market Research, the future growth of the plastic pallet industry is showing a strong upward trajectory, particularly in markets such as North America, which was an early adopter of plastic pallets, and the European Union countries.

In other regions, such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, growth is slower, not because of lack of interest but because of a lack of manufacturers, making supplies harder to come by. This is expected to change in the next eight years, however, with significant take-up expected by 2025 as manufacturing increases, especially in Asia Pacific.

What Next for the Wooden Pallet?

Unfortunately, based on predictions, it looks like use of the wooden pallet will significantly reduce in coming years, especially after 2025, when the future growth of the plastic pallet industry is expected to really take off.

Plastic pallets are expected to become increasingly popular thanks to technological changes and design improvements that will make them easier for small manufacturers to produce. They will be increasingly lightweight, stronger still and more cost-effective. These changes will also see plastic pallet manufacturers moving into new regions, ones that have seen little growth to date.

What Sectors Will See the Most Growth?

Because plastic pallets are extremely durable and are able to maintain their structure and strength in extremely low temperatures, they are particularly popular for companies involved in storing and transporting food. This sector has driven most of the growth in the industry to date. It is expected to be joined, however, by sectors such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, where plastics can reduce health and safety risks.

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