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How To Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency

22 Oct 2018

If you improve your warehouse efficiency you are able to improve the overall running of the warehouse. Those who are constructing a new warehouse facility have the advantage that they can incorporate key features into the building design. Whereas a withstanding warehouse needs to envision how they can improve what they already have in place.

There are many ways you can improve your warehouse efficiency, when looking for ways that you can improve your efficiency it’s a good idea to start with how you stack each load, how clean is your space and think about the importance of space value.

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The following 3 tips are ways to improve your warehouse efficiency:

Being Methodical When Stacking Load

When stacking your loads, it is good practice to ensure that they are in the same order to ensure consistency with each load. This allows the employee to easily know where each item is among the load, ensuring they can easily retrieve the item. Having each load in the same order, will also help to highlight if anything was missing from the load.

Importance of Keeping Space Clean

Plastic pallets are commonly used for carrying hygienic loads, therefore the importance of keeping them clean is a crucial aspect within the supply chain. Keeping on top of the cleanliness in any business can help to reduce any delays from occurring. More areas within the warehouse will be usable if the space is maintained to the right level of cleanliness.

Importance of Thinking Carefully About Space Value

Ensuring that you make the most of the space you have within your warehouse is key to allowing you to store the amount of items you need. Plastic pallets have the advantage of being identical to one another due to being created using a mold. This allows them to be easily stackable ensuring that space is maximised in the warehouse.

There may be items in your warehouse that do not require being stored anymore, so it is good practice to ensure that such items are removed to free space for additional loads. Getting into the habit of only using up storage space if necessary can ensure that the space is fully utilised when needed to avoid unnecessary expansions.

It should be the owner of the building that is responsible for ensuring that the overall structure of the warehouse meets the requirements, but it is the warehouse manager who is in charge of the efficiency of the warehouse. Improving your warehouse efficiency can help to maintain a long running and cost saving supply chain.

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