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What Industries Are Best Suited To Plastic Pallets?

11 Apr 2019

The global pallet market is seeing a surge in demand from end-users across the globe.

Whilst wood still dominates as the main material used for pallets, recent reports have identified plastic pallets as the fastest and biggest area of growth.

Whatever the industry, there is a plastic pallet designed for it. Coming in a range of sizes, colours, strength and designs, these types of pallets are becoming more and more popular every day, mainly due to the myriad of benefits this material can offer businesses.

To give you more of an idea of how plastic pallets are being used, below are some examples of the industries that are effectively using them as well as some of their other uses.

Food and Beverage

Generally, plastic pallets are very well suited to the food and beverage industry. They are much more lightweight, durable and easier to clean and sterilise than wooden pallets. Unlike wood, plastic is naturally resistant to mould, insects and any other type of contaminants, such as bacteria. All of these characteristics make them ideally suited to transporting food and drink as they can help guarantee the safety of the cargo.


There are two main reasons why plastic pallets are ideally suited to transporting electronics goods. The first of which is the requirement of all pallets to be anti-static. Obviously, this is a quality of plastic that easily meets this requirement, as well as many other requirements that may affect these type of goods. Secondly, thanks to their design, there are no splinters or nails that could potential damage the cargo whilst in transit.


Shipping pharmaceuticals requires a high level of expertise in order to transport them successfully. Often, pharmaceuticals are highly sensitive and must be delivered in a timely matter. The industry works under very tight regulations that can present many challenges to shipping companies.

Plastic pallets can offer the perfect solution to many of these challenges. By being chemically inactive and extremely easy to clean and sanitise, these pallets cannot contaminate any cargo stored on them. More importantly, they meet all FDA and ISPM 15 requirements.


The fast paced retail market has a variety of needs when transporting their goods. The need for durable, hygienic, reliable and long-lasting pallets means that plastic pallets are also ideally suited to this market. The ability to customise and brand these pallets has also made them attractive to companies with a strong brand identity.


The chemical industry are huge users of plastic pallets due to their spill-containment designs, which help prevent damage to racks and shipping containers. The pallets are also available in different designs and resins to suit every application.

Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping can also present many challenges when trying to ship goods. The main one of which is weight. On average plastic pallets are almost 27 percent lighter than their wooden counterparts, but still offer extremely good durability and can take relatively heavy loads.

Requirements and industry will determine what plastic pallet is right for you. For more information on our range of plastic pallets or what pallets might be best suited to your business, contact us today.

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