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Keeping Your Plastic Pallets Safe In Hot Weather

24 Oct 2018

Plastic pallets are becoming the dominant pallet to use in shipping due to the sustainability and durability of the pallet when comparing with its wooden alternative. However the plastic pallet can be affected by different climates, specifically hotter climates. There are actions you should be taking for keeping your plastic pallets safe in hot weather, here they are:


Why Plastic Pallets Can Melt

Plastic pallets are made by a process of melting a plastic sheet into a vacuumed mold which gives it the pallet shape and once cooled this mold holds its shape. Although melting is an important process in creating a plastic pallet, if the pallet reaches high enough temperatures then this can trigger the pallet to begin to melt. This can cause the pallet to lose its shape in places and the more extreme the heat, the pallet could even return to its original state.

A second issue with plastic pallets being subject to large amounts of heat can be that the pallet could also lose its colour. When exposed to direct sunlight, darker pallets especially, can begin to fade in colour leaving heat patches across the pallet.

Keeping Your Plastic Pallets Safe In Hot Weather

There are ways to prevent your plastic pallets from either discolouration or in more extreme cases, melting.

The simplest way of keeping your plastic pallets safe in hot weather is to move your pallets out of the direct sunlight, into a shaded area. This can prevent the sunlight from being an issue and stop affecting the colour of your pallet and the chance of the pallet melting.

In the case that you know your pallet will be entering hotter climates, choose a plastic pallet that can withstand hotter temperatures to help to reduce the likelihood of your pallet melting or deforming.

Plastic Pallet Solution You Can Trust

Plastic pallets require the appropriate care to ensure you get the most use out of them. Here at Plastic Pallets, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most durable pallets for your shipment. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in learning more about our plastic pallets.

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