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Leading Plastic Pallets Manufacturer Reaches Record Highs

05 Apr 2015

One of the world’s leading suppliers of reusable pallets, American-based IFCO Systems, has recently announced that it has sold over one billion pallets this year. On top of this, IFCO has also just signed a contract in Germany that will see it become the guaranteed supplier of reusable packaging solutions for a number of supermarkets.

The company believes this surge in growth is due to the fact that suppliers are increasingly opting for reusable plastic containers to ship their goods safely, securely and efficiently to other destinations. In particular, businesses operating in the food and drinks industry, such as those who handle fresh fruit and vegetables, are growing advocates for the use of reusable plastic containers.

Benefits of Reusable Plastic Containers

The growth in demand for reusable plastic containers by firms operating in the fresh food and beverage industries can largely be attributed to the many benefits to be gained from choosing this option of packaging solution.

Less Waste

Since the containers can be used over and over again, there is less waste involved, which is a positive benefit to the environment. The sustainable benefit generated from using one billion plastic pallets every year is comparable to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of around 75,000 vehicles, the water consumption of 600,000 people and the solid waste from 400,000 consumers, for example.

Less Damage

Reusable plastic containers are thought to offer greater protection for produce because of their smooth interior walls and lack of water absorption, which means less damage to food and, therefore, reduced wastage. Research has shown that using one billion reusable plastic containers annually can eliminate around 4,000 metric tons of food waste.

Cost Savings

There are many financial benefits to be gained from using reusable plastic containers. Since they can be used multiple times, there is no cost associated with having to buy new containers each time they are needed. Less damage and less waste of food will also reduce costs. Plastic containers also do not suffer from splintering or nail problems, unlike wooden pallets, and can be repaired or replaced easily.

Easier to Move and Stack

Reusable plastic containers have been found to be easier to move about and stack, as they have a low empty stack height and can be folded down when not in use. This provides efficient space utilisation. Increased volume within the pallets also means that more products can be placed in the containers, so fewer may be required overall.


Reusable plastic containers are incredibly hygienic and no treatment for pests is required using this method of transportation. Since the pallets are also weather-resistant, they are not liable to rot or be affected by problems associated with damp conditions or moisture if they are left uncovered.

The Future for the Reusable Plastic Pallet Industry

As more and more businesses recognise the increased benefits to be gained from using reusable plastic pallets – especially those that transport food and drinks that are sensitive to damage – the demand for this type of storage method for transportation is likely to only increase much further. Not only are benefits to be gained for individual companies, but the positive impacts that these containers have on sustainability and the environment can not be ignored either.

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