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Nesting Plastic Pallets Eastleigh

21 Jun 2021

nesting plastic pallets eastleigh

Save space in Eastleigh when you choose our high-quality nesting plastic pallets. These are  a great solution to storage or transporting where there is little room available. A nestable pallet is essentially one that can nest inside another pallet. As a result, movement and storage ios much more efficient. Staggeringly, an empty set of nestable units saves up to four times the space need by equivalent stackable or wooden pallets on average.

A nestable pallet can be fitted with clip-on runners or skids and add to its overall strength. This type of pallet can come in a variety of sizes and can be used with hand holds as well as fork lifts. A nest of 2,000 pallet units can be fitted on the back of a truck. In addition, a nestable pallet is also an efficient method of transporting a load on a one-way export trip.

Nesting plastic pallets minimises the costs of handling, as an empty pallet nest can reduce return transport costs by up to 60 per cent. Keep your costs down and save money for your business. You can explore our nesting plastic pallets in our products section. Purchase your preferred sizes or get a quote for custom orders.

Nesting Or Stackable Pallet?

Stackable Pallets

Differing from nesting, a stackable pallet has a solid platform on its base. This platform may be attached to it in many different configurations, such as a picture frame, runners or a cross bar. This allows the pallet be double-stacked on top of one another when empty. Some pallet designs allow for a large pallet to stack above a smaller one and vice versa. The stacking can continue up to a calculated height that ensures the overall load remains level.

The main difference between these two styles is how they are stored. Nestable pallets are much better at saving space as they can nest underneath one another, allowing more pallets to be stored in the same space. Stackable pallets can only be placed one on top of the other. Another difference between these two types is their load capacity. Stackable pallets are able to carry a much heavier load over a longer period of time when compared to nestable pallets.


Increased Space

When in storage, nesting plastic pallets can be stacked high. They are held in tight, neat loads which take up less space than standard pallets. Space can be extremely valuable for businesses and manufactures in warehouses. That’s where nesting pallets are the perfect space-saving solution. More pallets can then be stored on-site, maximising the space available to store products, equipment and machinery. Businesses can save money in the long-term with this method.


Nesting plastic pallets have fantastic structural integrity. Despite the lightweight structure, they can hold weights of up to 2,300kg. With a bigger contact surface area, the pallets are an exceptional means of storing your goods. They are capable of holding up to 20% more weight than standard pallet models. Additionally, many models feature safety rims which can help prevent the cargo from sliding whilst in transit.

nesting plastic pallets eastleigh

Nesting Plastic Pallets Eastleigh

Take a look at the wide range of nesting plastic pallets we have on offer to our Southampton customers. You can simply add your choice of pallets into the basket and pay at our secure checkout. Our fantastic pallets could be with you within 24 hours!

If you are looking to bulk-buy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just fill out our contact form with your details, specifications, and the standard plastic pallets you are after. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price.

Alternatively, you can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss our various options. We understand each customer has a specific budget, so we work closely with you to find the ideal solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

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