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New Plastic Pallets Leeds

04 Jul 2022

New Plastic Pallets Leeds

Order your new plastic pallets for your Leeds facility today. At Plastic Pallets, we produce excellent new plastic pallets that are great for storing and transporting valuable goods. We supply new plastic pallets, containers, pallet collars, and more. The new plastic pallets are highly robust and can keep items safe and secure. These pallets are composed of superior HD-PE, which makes them highly sanitary. The pallets are moisture, acid, and alkali resistant and simple to wash and clean. Our new plastic pallets are a must for any Leeds company looking to transport or store valuable goods hygienically and securely. New plastic pallets have excellent structural strength and are a must for your items.

One of our many aims is to look for ways to improve the environment. Plastic waste is a major concern, in addition to climate change. Our goal is to address the plastic issue by manufacturing sustainable new plastic pallets that are easy to recycle. We operate a sustainable company to prevent plastic pallets from entering landfills and harming the environment. We keep to all rules and regulations, including the strict requirements of the ISO. By following these rules and ensuring our new plastic pallets fit within the regulations, we can help the environment and keep it protected against pollution.


These are some of the most durable pallets available in various forms and are durable, secure and easy to maintain. If you require pallets to store or transport medical supplies or food, our new plastic pallets are a perfect choice! They have a natural strength, which will ensure they won’t break upon transit from your Leeds facility. You can rely on us to provide our Leed customers with high-quality and affordable pallets.

The pallets are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our new plastic pallets provide long-lasting quality. Our innovative plastic pallets meet ISO criteria. As part of our work goals for the environment, we also have a quality and environmental management system. We at Plastic Pallets place a high premium on protecting the environment. Once our new plastic pallets have served their purpose, they can be recycled to make new pallets. By doing this, less plastic ends up in landfills, and a more sustainable eco-system is encouraged.

Plastic Pallet Leeds Prices

New Plastic Pallets Styles


The UK standard for new plastic pallets is 1000mm x 1200mm. There are three main types of these everyday items: perimeter, nestable, and three runners. Given that every size has a somewhat distinct shape, the price of different sizes may change depending on the weight.


All of these new plastic pallet types are available in a range of sizes that are not typical for the UK. They can hold a variety of weights, and each has a unique appearance. These include non-standard pallets, which maximise both space and efficiency. You can use our online quotation engine to get precise pricing if you wish to buy any of our brand-new plastic pallets.


A Euro pallet has different dimensions than those described by ISO standards. We provide 1200mm x 800mm in accordance with European requirements. Our selection of styles ranges in price according to their weight and appearance. We now provide an online quote option for a few models so you can quickly get a price before purchasing our new plastic pallets.


Plastic pallets are far more durable than wooden ones. They can be easily recycled after their useful life has ended. As a result, we are here to assist. Recycling plastic pallets is a rather easy procedure. We visit your Leeds firm as part of our plastic pallet disposal service. After that, we grab any old, used pallets, which we then move to our facility for inspection.

The plastic pallet is then fixed so that it can be repurposed. Since we may utilise your remaining pallets for other purposes by hauling them away, this might have a significant environmental effect. We provide a range of used plastic pallet sizes as part of our Leeds service. Even if they cannot be used or mended, they are not wasted. The plastic pallets are broken down into small plastic pellets by being crushed and chopped up. By following this process, we can make sure that these tiny plastic pellets may be used to manufacture new items or pallets.

New Plastic Pallet Prices Leeds

Your Leeds company will benefit greatly from the installation of our innovative new plastic pallets. Order your new plastic pallets online today! Simply choose which pallet type you would like to purchase and add it to your basket. From checkout, you can choose the type of shipping you require. If you are a UK resident, you can benefit from our same-day delivery service.

Pallets are an excellent resource since they can be used for both transportation and storage. You won’t have any trouble locating the ideal product for the task with such a large selection to pick from. In addition, if you can’t find the size measurements you need, we can custom-create new plastic pallets.

Please get in contact if you have any queries about our pallets. You may reach our helpful staff at 03301 757 766. Alternatively, you can contact us using our online form. Provide some basic information along with your inquiry, and a member of our staff will get in contact with you.

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