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Pallet Evolution Launches

24 Nov 2014

As plastic pallets continue to grow in popularity and in number they have populated the logistics headlines more than once.

We bring you a quick piece of news as the year comes to an end with regards to the latest developments in the plastic pallet industry.

Whilst there remains an ongoing debate between wooden and plastic pallet manufacturers, and the fact is that technological and procedural improvements have meant significant leaps forward for both in terms of application, safety and industry-readiness.

Sometimes competition between the two can be bitter, and for the innocent consumer caught in between the mixed messages can be both concerning and confusing.

Although surrounded in the midst of a recent controversy, have recently launched Pallet Evolution, designed to be the voice of the UK plastic pallet industry.

The Pallet Evolution campaign aims to dispel some of the negative public opinions that are currently associated with the industry, as well as providing an outlet for pallet users to be informed as to the benefits or advantages plastic pallets may hold for their business. Having a centralised place for information and debate could be the best way for both pallet sectors to work more seamlessly together. This is vitally important for users of pallets – end users such as yourselves – in order to allow you to make the best possible choices.

As suppliers of both, we would certainly like to see the bitterness between the two sectors end; don’t forget, depending on your needs, either pallet could be the right choice for you!

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