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Why You Should Be Considering Pallet Standardisation

02 Jul 2015

Within operations management, pallet standardisation is a crucial factor. This can help to make the packaging process more efficient, as well as reducing the costs to the business. If you’re operating in the packaging sector, why should you consider standardising your pallet operations?

There are a number of benefits to standardising pallets, all of which can help to bring about a more streamlined system, improve productivity levels and reduce costs.

Increase Productivity Levels

If pallet producers are manufacturing large numbers of standardised pallets, they can do so in greater volumes. This speeds up the process and enables them to reduce the price to their customers. It also means that users have to order less frequently, lowering their costs. Pallets can be shared between different assets and even between different companies, reducing the initial costs to the business and lowering the amount of money that you have tied up in assets.

Standardise the Packaging Process

If one type of pallet is in use for multiple SKUs, it will improve productivity levels and further lower costs. This will stop operators having to sort through the pallets and match particular ones to certain goods. It also minimises the need to stack pallets separately, which takes up more space in warehousing facilities. Multiple SKUs can then be stored in the same location and transported by the same means, improving loading and unloading times and making the whole system more efficient.

By optimising space on transportation methods, such as trucks, rail and container ships, freight costs can be reduced. These are a substantial factor in the overall price of goods, so any reduction here could lower the price that the eventual customer pays. By fitting a greater number of pallets in the same space, it not only reduces costs but also means the manufacturing process has less of a damaging effect on the environment, as fewer trips will be necessary.

Reduction in Manual Handling

The level of manual handling required in the production process can have an impact on operator safety, as well as leading to goods becoming damaged. If pallets are standardised, it makes it more efficient for handling, as the same equipment can be used for multiple goods. This lowers the degree of manual handling that is required in the business. This is not only safer for the workers, but it also limits the amount of damaged goods, which minimises wastage costs.

With all these benefits to pallet standardisation, it is not surprising that more and more companies are seeing the advantages of using one particular type of pallet in their operations. If you have a pallet problem, then we have a number of solutions that might be suitable. Contact us with your pallet issues, and we can assist you in finding the answer: http://www.plasticpalletsuk.co.uk/contact-us/.

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