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Why is plastic becoming more palatable?

05 Feb 2017

Recent figures released suggest that plastic pallets contribute towards the biggest growth sector in the pallet industry. Although wood is still the dominant choice, it’s expected that plastic as a pallet option will continue to rise in popularity as more users recognise the many great benefits this material brings.

Consideration for Plastic

Deciding which pallets to use may not always rank as the highest priority for most companies, and many pallet users might simply choose wood because they always have done. Yet sparing a thought for plastic boxes and pallets could bring a company many benefits and may even save them money.

Although the initial unit cost of purchasing a plastic pallet may be higher than a wooden one, once you realise the benefits choosing plastic may actually represent a significant cost saving in the long run.

plastic is becoming more palatable


Euro pallets and other types made from plastic offer excellent durability compared to other materials. In fact, with a life span of up to ten years, they will last ten times longer than wooden pallets. For those companies using pallets made from plastic in a closed system where they can be returned, the lifetime cost savings can be impressive.

Great Choice

The beauty of choosing plastic pallets is that you’ve got lots of different types to pick from to suit your specific requirements. This can vary from Euro pallets to rackable and nestable pallets and smooth deck or closed deck variants, for example. Although plastic boxes and pallets may not always be the most suitable for use in every circumstance, with so much choice available, finding one that fits the bill should be easy. Spending time working out which plastic pallet is the right one to use can maximise the benefits and cost savings to be gained.


The plastic pallet is becoming a front-runner in the logistics and shipping market as companies recognise the hygienic attributes that this material affords. For sectors such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics and automotive, choosing a pallet that can protect against contamination, mould or bacteria is paramount for the safe shipping of goods.

Euro pallets made from plastic are also easy to clean and can be repeatedly used, offering unrivalled hygienic standards compared to their wooden counterparts.

Fragile Handling

More companies are beginning to switch to plastic for their pallets as they recognise that this material makes a reliable choice for handling fragile goods. These pallets are less likely to suffer damage during transportation, which may affect the quality of the products, causing unnecessary added costs and delays to consignments or orders. The protective features of the plastic pallet are often considered favourably by insurance companies, with users able to obtain discounts.

Environmentally Friendly

Many companies seek to make green choices that impact positively on the environment. Although people might think of wood as being more environmentally friendly than plastic, when it comes to pallets, plastic scores top marks for its green credentials. As well as being reusable, these pallets are mainly made from recycled materials and are completely recoverable.

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