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Plastic Pallet Boxes Eastleigh

16 Nov 2021

We supply a diverse range of plastic pallet boxes in the Eastleigh area and nationwide. We offer fantastic flexibility for those requiring containers in their home or work life. It is a muti functional storage solution, which can also be used for safe and effective transportation needs.

Plastic pallet boxes are made using strong, scratch-resistant materials. The structural integrity of this type of pallet box makes it the perfect solution in storing and moving around goods. Our products are also long lasting, cost-effective, and versatile.

We offer both new and second hand plastic pallet boxes. Both are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. While new plastic pallet boxes are in a slightly higher quality condition, used pallet boxes appear just-like-new following our refurbishment process. Plastic products are weather resistant and low maintenance, allowing you to use them time and time again

used plastic pallets eastleigh

New Plastic Pallet Boxes

Our plastic containers range is suitable for many industrial applications, ideal for customers in the Eastleigh region. They are skillfully manufactured to an exceptionally high level. New pallet boxes are made using a strong and scratch-resistant plastic material.

Brand new plastic pallet boxes range from perforated to collapsible, solid and rigid. The smooth surface ensures this range is an easy-clean solution to your transport or storage requirements.  We supply our customers throughout the Eastleigh region and stock items can be dispatched the same day. Get your new plastic pallets delivered the following day.


Used Plastic Pallets

We offer premium used plastic boxes as an alternative solution to brand new pallets. These can fundamentally save you money in the long run. Our used range of pallets are refurbished for superior structural rigidity. Despite being recycled, our used pallet boxes are rigorously tested on their strength to transport items.

It’s important that we offer eco friendly and reduce the plastic we use in life. Used pallet boxes are created using recycled pallets that have reached the end of their life. We want to stop pallets from ending up in landfill, instead transforming them into versatile plastic pallet boxes.


Versatile Plastic Range

There are nearly as many uses for plastic pallets in boxes as there are uses for standard pallets. They offer a sturdy alternative to the usual choices of containers, and they can be used for shipping goods in a variety of ways, including by land, sea or by air.

Plastic pallet boxes are considered one of the best storage and shipping products available in the Eastleigh region. They are reusable, which is positive for the environment, and will give your goods maximum protection. They are fully resistant to moisture and have been tested in adverse weather conditions. They can be stacked to save space, making them fantastic for a range of jobs.

Plastic pallet boxes will last for far longer than cardboard boxes and will save money because of their versatility and durability. In addition, the cost of labour can be minimised as it’s very easy to move many pallet boxes.


Hygiene and Flexibility

Smooth surfaces mean these plastic boxes can be easy to clean and offer temperature control and efficient sealing. This makes this range the perfect choice for transporting food, pharmaceuticals or delicate goods that need to reach their destination in a spotless and sterile state. And they are easy to handle, which means fewer incidences of breakage and of injury from incurring to those handling them.

If ventilation is required, then plastic pallet boxes with perforations are the right choice. Pallet boxes are available in several configurations, including solid, folding, and collapsible. Folding and collapsible boxes are versatile and easy to store. If you have ever used plastic pallets before, then you are sure to find our plastic pallet boxes a useful addition to the current storage solutions at your disposal.

new plastic pallets eastleigh

Plastic Pallet Boxes Prices Eastleigh

You can purchase a versatile range of plastic pallet boxes through our modern website. Our new pallet options are the first choice for international export. Our used plastic pallets are designed to withhold various weight limits, based on the style you opt-in for. We guarantee we will have something to suit your Eastleigh project.

We offer a bespoke quotation service for a select range of our pallet boxes. This is to give you an accurate price as well as make it easier bulk-buy. Simply fill out your specifications, including the delivery location. We will also ask for the product information and quantity, as well as any additional special requirements. We will then get back to you with an instant price, helping Eastleigh customers stay on budget.

You can also request a plastic pallet boxes quote over the phone. Call our freephone number or use our contact form and we will happily help you find the right product for your requirements.

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