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Plastic Pallet Boxes Gosport

16 Nov 2021

Plastic Pallets Fleet

We supply a versatile range of plastic pallet boxes in Gosport and around the area. This range is a multi functional option for customers in Gosport requiring containers. It is an efficient storage solution, which can also be used for efficient and secure transportation needs.

Plastic pallet boxes are made from premium, sturdy, scratch-resistant material. The structural integrity of this type of plastic pallet makes it the perfect solution in transporting and storing items. Our plastic pallet boxes are also robust, affordable, and versatile.

We offer both brand new and used plastic pallet boxes. Both options are crafted to the highest standard. While brand new pallets are in slightly superior condition, used pallets appear just as good following refurbishment. Plastic pallet boxes are weather resistant and low maintenance, so you can use them many times.


New Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are suitable for a range of different purposes. They have been specially made to deliver the best levels of performance with minimal maintenance. These pallets are a fantastic investment for your Gosport business, lasting for a long time.

These pallet boxes can be perforated, collapsible, solid or rigid. The smoothness of plastic makes cleaning much easier to handle. The items we stock can be dispatched the same day and arrive the following day.


Used Plastic Pallets

We offer used plastic boxes as an alternative and affordable solution to new pallets. Our used pallets are refurbished for structural rigidity. Used pallet boxes are tested on their strength to transport goods, so you never have to worry about the quality of a product.

Reducing the amount of plastic waste is a great concern for our team. Used pallet boxes are recycled from old, tired pallets that have reached the end of their long life. We use pallets that otherwise would end up in landfill and refurbish them into premium pallets that can be enjoyed a range of different ways.


Benefits of Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic pallets are highly versatile option for your Gosport business. Although they are usually used for storage or transportation, they can be used for anything you want. Whether it’s by land, air or sea, these can cater to your needs.

Plastic pallet boxes are renowned for being one of the best storage and shipping products available in the Gosport region. They can be reused multiple times, which is positive for the environment and will give your goods maximum levels of protection. They are tested to ensure they are fully resistant to moisture can be stacked to save space.

They will last longer than cardboard and wooden alternatives and will save money as a result of their long lasting durability. In addition, the labour costs can be reduced as they are easy to handle and manage.


Hygiene and Flexibility

Smooth plastic surfaces mean these plastic pallet boxes can be easy to maintain. This range offers fantastic options for temperature control and efficient sealing, which makes them the right choice for transporting food, medicine or delicate goods. And they are so easy to handle, there should be fewer incidents of damage or injury occurring to those who handle the pallet.

If air is needed to ventilate a pallet box, then plastic pallet boxes with perforations are an excellent choice. Plastic pallet boxes are available in a variety of unique configurations, including folding and collapsible. These plastic pallet boxes are highly versatile and easy to store between Gosport projects. They will be a fantastic addition to your inventory, no matter the industry you work in.


Plastic Pallet Boxes Prices Gosport

Browse and buy a wide range of plastic pallet boxes on our website. Our used plastic pallets are designed to retain a selection of dimensions. We guarantee we have something to suit your needs and cater to your requirements.

We offer a bespoke quotation service for some of our plastic pallet boxes. This is to give you an accurate price or make bulk buying easy. Input your details and delivery location. We will also ask for to clarify the product and how much you need, as well as any additional specifications. We will then get back to you with a quote tailored to you.

You can request a bespoke quote or ask us anything over the phone. Call our freephone and we will do our best to answer your question. Alternatively, contact us by using our form, asking us anything related to our plastic pallet box range. We are happy to discuss prices and help you get the best product for your job.

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