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Plastic Pallet Boxes Winchester

16 Nov 2021

Cleanroom Plastic Pallets

We supply plastic pallet boxes in Winchester and around the UK. This is an incredibly versatile option for customers requiring containers. It is a highly efficient storage option for a range of projects, offering a safe and efficient solution to storage and transportation needs.

Pallet boxes are made from strong, scratch-resistant plastic that delivers form and function. The structural integrity of this form of pallet makes it the perfect solution in transporting and storing goods. Our products are also durable, affordable and multi functional.

We offer both brand new and used plastic pallet boxes for Winchester customers. Both are fabricated to the highest standard available on the market. While our new pallets are in a slightly better condition, used pallets appear to look and work as good as new due to our refurbishment process. Pallet boxes are weather resistant and easy to maintain, so you can enjoy them time and time again.


Types of Plastic Pallet Boxes

Made from premium plastic, our pallet boxes are scratch-resistant and low maintenance. They come in a variety of versatile styles, including collapsible, ventilated and bulk containers.


Closed Plastic Boxes

Made with smooth walls, which makes cleaning much easier, our closed plastic pallet boxes come with stackable lids in ISO and EURO dimensions. They are also available with skids, feet and wheels. This makes them the ideal solution for the storage and transportation of bulky goods, our closed plastic boxes can be easily stacked and have a low dead weight, allowing for easy transportation. They come in both silver and grey colours. They can also come with collapsible sides for even easier storage. No matter the size you need, we can help.


Collapsible Pallet Boxes with Flaps

Available with fold-down sides and partial drop-down sides, this kind of plastic pallet box is very user-friendly for improved access. Thanks to their collapsible nature they are a cost efficient option on return transportation. This solution is ideal for the transportation of pharmaceuticals and food, these pallet boxes come in both silver and grey and feature turning lock attachments. We also offer a design for the transportation of perishable goods that features ventilation slits in the side and base. Collapsible pallet boxes come with skids, feet, or wheels and in a diverse selection of sizes.


IBC Boxes

Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are eco-friendly and reusable liquid plastic pallet boxes. This range is stackable, hygienic and collapsible. Our IBC containers feature changeable liner bags which are available in an antiseptic range for improved cleanliness.


What are the Benefits?

Unlike wooden pallets boxes, plastic pallet boxes are far easier to manage, and they can be stacked and stored in a way that maximises space. Therefore, there are less breakages and a safer working environment for those utilising them. They last longer than cardboard and wooden alternatives and are reusable. This means our plastic pallet boxes can save you a lot of money when it comes to return transportation.

Many hours can be saved thanks to the fact that these plastic pallet boxes can be moved easily compared to other forms of pallets available to Winchester customers. But perhaps the main reason the plastic pallet box has become so popular is because it is so easy to clean, offering a hygienic environment without the upkeep issues.


Plastic Pallet Box Prices Winchester

You can purchase a wide selection of plastic pallets right here on our website. Our new options are the first choice for international export. Our range of used pallets are designed to retain a variety of weights, based on your chosen style. We guarantee we have something to suit every Winchester project.

We offer a full quotation service for a select few of our plastic pallet boxes. This is to give you an accurate price as well as those looking to buy in bulk. Simply fill out your personal details, including the delivery location. We will also ask for the product specification and volume, as well as any additional requirements. We will then get back to you quickly with a price bespoke to your Winchester needs.

You can request a quote or ask us a question over the phone. Call our freephone number and we will do our best to answer your query. You can get in touch with us by using our contact form. We are happy to discuss prices and help you find the best pallet for your requirements.

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