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Uses of Plastic Pallet Boxes

15 Feb 2018

Transporting liquids can be an exacting process that comes with a lot of solutions and choices for appropriate containers. If you are not familiar with plastic pallet boxes, now is the time to explore this flexible and efficient storage option that is becoming more popular across the world, especially for the transport of heavy items.

plastic pallet box

Hauliers’ Choice

here are nearly as many uses for plastic pallets in box form as there are uses for plastic pallets. They offer a versatile alternative to the usual choices of containers for shipping and storage, and they can be used for shipping goods in a variety of ways, including by sea, by land or by air.

Hauliers have praised the many uses for plastic pallet boxes and have hailed them as one of the best storage and shipping products available today. When thinking about how pallet boxes made from plastic can be used, remember that they are reusable, which is good for the environment, and will give your goods maximum protection. They are fully resistant to moisture and all types of weather and can be stacked to save space and make storage easier. They will last longer than cardboard boxes and will save money as a result of their multi-use durability. In addition, the cost of labour can be reduced as workers can easily move many pallet boxes.

Hygiene and Flexibility

Smooth plastic surfaces mean these boxes can be easy to clean and offer great options for temperature control and efficient sealing, which makes them the perfect choice for transporting food, pharmaceuticals or delicate items that need to reach their destinations in a pristine state. And they are easy to handle, which means fewer incidences of breakage and of causing injury to those handling them. If air needs to circulate, then pallet boxes with perforations are an excellent choice. Pallet boxes are available in a number of configurations, including solid, folding and collapsible. Folding and collapsible pallet boxes are extremely versatile and easy to store between assignments, and if you have used plastic pallets at some point, then you are sure to find pallet boxes a useful addition to the storage solutions at your disposal.

New and Used Options

New pallet boxes are available in a range of scratch-resistant materials, from rigid and solid to perforated and collapsible. Styles include closed boxes, closed boxes with collapsible sides, ventilated collapsible boxes, collapsible boxes with flaps and IBC boxes. Used pallet boxes are also available, offering great savings. Styles include rigid and folding pallet boxes, suitable for transporting a wide variety of goods.

Plastic pallet boxes are becoming a fixture on the storage and shipping solutions list for modern companies. Easily moved, stacked and stored, they fulfil many important criteria for the business owner. They will also make customers happy, as they will receive their goods in perfect condition, unaffected by damp or weather conditions. With the rise of e-commerce and shipping many small loads to a variety of destinations, pallet boxes make a lot of sense for delivery options that are reliable and cost-effective and do not leave an excessive carbon footprint.

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