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Plastic Pallet Collection

16 Nov 2020

Nestable Pallet APEXP1210

We offer a collection on our plastic pallets. Here at Plastic Pallets, we distribute, manufacture and recycling pallets nationwide. Our collection involves picking up your old pallets which we can then transform into products to be used again and again.

Our commitment to the environment to protecting the environment starts with our pallet collection service. The aim is to try to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up on landfill and prevent the incorrect disposal of plastic. We strive for sustainability here at Plastic Pallets.

Sustainable Ethos

We believe it’s important now more than ever to help protect the environment with our work. We work closely with our customers to ensure we are all doing out bit for the benefit of the eco-system. In order to protect the environment, we have a thorough system in place on plastic pallets collection.

Here at Plastic Pallets, we have implemented a quality and environmental management system to the high standards of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. There is a growing issue of plastic overfilling in landfills once it reaches the end of its life. We are here to change that.

The Plastic Issue

Plastic pallet collection is an important practice for many reasons. Plastic is often a short-lived item, meaning they are often discarded unethically. Landfill sites produce a significant amount of CO2, when the plastic breaks down and slowly deteriorates. Most plastics do not biodegrade but instead break down into smaller pieces, but discarded plastics of any size can be hazardous for local wildlife.

Because of the damage plastic can cause the environment, the Government have set a UK target of recycling 57% of plastics by the end of 2020. That’s where our plastic pallet collection comes in. By offering this service, we can help improve sustainability by ensuring that old discarded plastic pallets are recycled responsibly and transform them into brand-new pallets.

Our plastic pallets are environmentally sustainable, durable and water-resistant, making them ideal for companies seeking optimal packaging options. This is because they are easily recycled, and can help companies save money over time.

plastic pallet collection

Our Service

The process of the plastic pallet collection involves our team coming to your business to get rid of your unwanted plastic pallets, that are of no use anymore. However we are here to ensure every bit of plastic can be recycled.

Our first step once the plastic pallets reach our centre is to decide whether they are worth refurbishing. This is where our used plastic pallets come. We sell refurbished, renewed plastic pallets that cost up to 60% of the price of new pallets!

If the plastic pallets we have collected cannot be renewed, we simply use these for other plastic pieces, which can go back into the process of becoming another plastic product. We don’t waste anything here at Plastic Pallets with our superb service.

Not only will this clear up space on your premises but it will also benefit the environment and help us tackle the plastic crisis. We ensure total responsibility in the disposal process, meaning you are helping the environment in the long-term.

The End Product

Once it reaches our facility, the plastic crate is cleaned and then granulated down to a base material which is then ready for use. Rest assured, this consumes much less energy than making new plastic pallets, while the carbon footprint of the recycling process is 60% less than making new plastics.

The recycled plastic does not compromise the performance of the crate. The recycled crates that we produce remain just as light, durable, strong and stable as newly produced crates. The hygiene is unrivalled, ensuring the safety and quality of our plastic pallets remains.

Plastic Pallet Collection Prices

Get in touch with our team today by calling our freephone on 08000 288655. Get your project started with our plastic pallet collection service. We can discuss our prices with you and give you an over-the-phone quotation.

You can use our contact form if you are looking to order in bulk. Just fill out your details, including the product specification and quantity, and we will get back to you with a quote. You can also fill in any special requirements so we can tailor your purchase to your needs.

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