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Plastic Pallets Aldershot

07 Dec 2021

Plastic Pallets Aldershot

Plastic pallets are a multi-functional solution for any business in the Aldershot area. From transporting foods to storing chemical products, there is a versatile selection of uses you may not have considered. This makes them highly sustainable and will provide you with long-term performance for your business.

We offer both new and used plastic pallets in non-standard, and ISO approved standard sizes. Depending on your requirements and budget, we also offer different load capacities so that you can easily find the right solution for your cargo. You can be confident that you will find the best product for your requirements.

We design, manufacture and supply premium plastic pallets for our customers in Aldershot. The products that we offer are designed to handle even the most weather conditions, keeping goods secure throughout storage and transportation. Compared to timber alternatives, plastic pallets hold up to 20% more goods yet are much more lightweight.


New Plastic Pallets

New plastic pallets are durable containers that are popular in a range of industries. These products offer unmatched strength and will secure your goods with ease. We apply a highly resistant coating onto all our new pallets to ensure that they will adapt to each weather condition and keep the cargo safe all year round.

New pallets cost a little bit more due to their newness. However, they are an outstanding investment for Aldershot customers. Due to the innovative and modern manufacturing, new plastic pallets won’t splinter and are easy to handle. We also offer European approved dimensions ensuring our pallets are compatible with industry handling equipment.


Used Plastic Pallets

Our used plastic pallets are the perfect blend of price and quality. Every pre-loved plastic pallet that we collect has been reconditioned to retain its rigidity. They are suitable for medium-load storage and transport of goods. Despite being more affordable, you can still rely on these used plastic pallets to enhance your production.

Reusing pallets is a fantastic way to become more sustainable. Reduce the amount of waste that ends its life in landfill – which often is harmful to our planet. Once you are done storing and transporting, used plastic pallets can be used for DIY projects and interior design features.


How To Use Plastic Pallets


One of the main two uses of plastic pallets is in storage. Once your goods have been loaded onto the pallet, there are lots of different ways they can be stored – including shrink-wrapped and strapped. There are lots of different styles of pallets, allowing you to safely store any products that need to be safeguarded. The plastic that we use is highly robust and will deliver a secure barrier between the outside and the stored cargo. It is suitable for any goods that require storing in Aldershot.



Another popular use of plastic pallets is for transport, whether that be by air or by road. You can transport a varied range of goods in and around the Aldershot area with our plastic pallets. From food to electronics, our products are specially designed to transfer products safely from one point to another. We know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we offer a range of dimensions and load capacities for you to consider.



There are lots of other ways that plastic pallets can be of use for our Aldershot customers. They are commonly used in supermarkets or businesses where items are stacked. However, it can be applied for any purpose you see fit. Aldershot customers can become more efficient and organised when using our products. It is also the perfect pallet solution if you need to separate products away from each other, especially fresh products.


Food and Pharmaceuticals

Our plastic pallets deliver superior levels of hygiene and are specially designed to comply with the latest regulations. When dealing with pharmaceuticals and food, you want to ensure a low risk of contamination or the transfer of chemicals. The plastic pallets that we offer are extremely clean because they are resistant to contaminants. You can safely store your goods or transport them with full peace of mind.


Plastic Pallet Prices Aldershot

Improve the productivity of your Aldershot business by choosing our versatile range of plastic pallets. Whether you are looking for storage or a display case, our plastic pallet range can be used for a multitude of reasons. Request your quote today by using our innovative pricing form. Simply enter your details and preferred pallet, and we will get back to you with a quote.

If you still need some time deciding on the right pallet for your requirements, please take a look at our product range and get some inspiration. You can also get in touch with us by using our online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can give us a call.

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