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Plastic Pallets Brockenhurst

28 Sep 2021

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Plastic pallets have a range of fantastic uses for customers in the Brockenhurst region. They are mainly used for transportation or storage but can also be used in DIY projects. We offer both used and new pallets, ideal for a variety of budgets and projects.

Our leading Quality and Environmental Management System is implemented to meet ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, and we have promised to protect the environment as well as prevent pollution.

Plastic pallets can be created in a range of adaptable shapes and sizes, ensuring you get the right project for your particular needs. Our plastic pallets are made to a superior standard, with a consistent strength and durability throughout our range. No matter if you choose brand new or used pallets, you are investing in long lasting quality.

Plastic pallets have the ability to carry extremely heavy loads, much more than timber pallet alternatives. They aren’t porous and are naturally resilient to bacterial, chemical, and microbial contamination. This plastic range is around 30% lighter than wooden pallets, making them slightly easier to move.

Used Plastic Pallets

Used plastic pallets are a budget friendly solution to your storage and transportation requirements. Despite being recycled plastic, used pallets don’t compromise on quality. They are refurbished to ensure they reach a superior level of performance, with the ability to withstand heavy loads.

When comparing used to new, the former is up to 60% cheaper than alternatives on the market. As well as their competitive pricing, they offer a much longer shelf life than wooden pallets. They are a long lasting investment that will serve you and your Brockenhurst business for many years to come.


New Plastic Pallets

The pallets offer unmatched durability for storage and transportation across the Brockenhurst region. They are manufactured to minimise structural damage during the transportation process. They won’t submit to environmental conditions that could lower the quality. If you work with heavy loads, our plastic pallets can cope without suffering from wear and tear.

Due to the premium material, plastic pallets won’t splinter like wooden pallets often. The innovative construction process means there are no screws or nails that could have the potential to cause injury. The high grade plastic used to construct these products will perform to a fantastic standard over time.



Easy Cleaning

Brockenhurst customers won’t need to spend too much time and energy ensuring their plastic pallets stay in a fantastic working condition. Plastic, naturally as a material, is incredibly easy to wash down and clean. We guarantee an extensive shelf life, even with very minimal cleaning. This is only required every now and then as the plastic made pallets we offer are resistant to mould, damp, water, and infestation.



This high quality storage and transportation solution are more hygienic than many other wooden pallets available on the market. When being used in the Brockenhurst region, there are no dust or mould contamination issues. This is because this range of plastic pallets are expertly designed with a durable and resistant coating. This prevents moisture, alkalis, and acids from gathering, which could cause major issues.

Plastic Pallets Brockenhurst

Head over to our products section to explore our versatile range of premium plastic pallets. You can choose from our stock or opt for something more bespoke to your requirements. The pallet purchasing process is quick and secure. Simply add your choice of pallets into the basket and pay securely at the checkout. Our plastic pallets could be with you in Brockenhurst within 24 hours!

To find out more about our exact prices please use our online contact form. Alternatively, get in touch if you wish to bulk buy your plastic pallet purchase. Simply input the specifications of your project, your details, and the pallet you have your eye on. We will get back to you with information, an answer to your query or a price tailored to your requirements.

Alternatively, customers can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss our range of pallet options and solutions. We understand many customers are working to a specific budget, so we work closely with you to find the right solution. We look forward to helping you and your business.

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