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How Plastic Pallets And Containers Can Be Used To Create High-End Displays

18 Jul 2016

As far as materials go, plastic is generally considered environmentally unfriendly in comparison to biodegradable substances such as wood and cardboard. In the manufacturing and logistics industries, however, plastic has been an eco-friendly miracle for some time when used to make new plastic pallets.

Wooden Euro pallets are cheap and disposable, which is convenient for certain sectors of industry, but constantly manufacturing new wooden pallets takes its toll on the environment, leading to deforestation. The use of plastic to make pallets and storage containers can save huge numbers of trees.

Looks Like Wood, Feels Like Wood…

New plastic pallets might be great for the environment, but one of the things holding back universal adoption is their appearance compared to wood. For storage containers in particular, the rustic and charming appearance of wood gives it an edge over plastic in the area of produce displace, especially when holding fruit, vegetables or other food products.

Times are changing, though – Polymer Logistics, an international logistics solutions provider, has launched a range of plastic Euro pallets sporting wood-grain finish for a much stronger high-end feel. The new range of possibilities for produce display offered by this innovation has captured the imagination of distributors in the US and looks set to do so in the UK. Polymer Logistics evidently feel confident, having recently announced the opening of their third service centre in the US – to be located in the state of Georgia. The company also has bases in California and Texas.

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The Benefits of Plastic

Besides being more eco-friendly than wood, there are many other reasons to choose plastic. Plastic Euro pallets offer a far more durable logistics solution than wood, lasting up to ten years if treated correctly. This long-term durability also means short-term robustness, ensuring that produce is properly protected during transit. The fact that plastic pallets last so long also provides outstanding cost benefits in the long run, as there is no longer a need to order new stock of wooden pallets every month.

Plastic storage crates and boxes can even be folded when being returned or in storage, allowing users to maximise space in a way that isn’t possible with wood. Polymer Logistics’ wood-grain effect range can even be stacked in a modular fashion to create a fully functioning and eye-catching product display system. These features create a far more ergonomic and efficient user experience.

Safety is also an issue, especially where food and members of the public are concerned. Whereas wooden pallets holding food have to be heat-treated to kill bacteria and fungi, the polymer material of plastic pallets is easy to wipe clean and can safely be sterilised. There’s also no risk of splinters, which is the last thing anyone wants when buying their weekly vegetables.

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