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Plastic Pallets Farnborough

07 Dec 2021

Plastic Pallets Farnborough

We supply a versatile range of plastic pallets in Farnborough and the surrounding area. Plastic pallets can be used for lots of different purposes. Although they are mainly used for storage and transportation, they can also be used for DIY projects. We offer both new and used pallets made from high grade, ideal for a selection of budgets and uses.

Our plastic pallets can be made available in a range of sizes and shapes, giving you a varied choice for you to choose from. Our pallets are made to a fantastic standard, with a consistent size and strength. Both our new and used pallets and pallets are long-lasting.

Plastic pallets can carry heavier loads than wooden pallets. They aren’t porous and are naturally resilient to bacterial, chemical and microbial contamination. They are roughly 30% lighter than timber pallets, making them easier to move.


New Plastic Pallets

New pallets are some of the sturdiest pallet options available on the market today. Every plastic pallet comes in a selection of unique shapes and sizes on offer. Our prices are always competitive on our new plastic pallets without compromising on quality.

Our range of plastic pallets has been manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. Our new pallets reach ISO standards to ensure long lasting quality. We also have a Quality and Environmental Management System as part of our work objectives for the benefit of the environment.

Sustainability is hugely important for us as a brand. Once these plastic pallets reach the end of their long lifespan they can be remade into brand new pallets. This reduces waste and minimises how much plastic ends up in landfill.


Used Plastic Pallets

Investing in our used wooden pallets is a cost-effective option for customers in Farnborough and the surrounding areas. Although they have been pre-used, the whole range has been refurbished to look and function as good as new models. Based on weight, size and load capacity used pallets generally cost less than new pallets.

We collect unused and old plastic pallets and crates from businesses in the Farnborough region. Our used wooden pallets will then go back into the system again so they can be reused time and time again. This helps to prevent goods from going to landfill and help maintain the ecosystem.

Used plastic is beneficial not only financially but also deliver better performance for longer. Plastic has an incredibly long shelf life naturally, which will keep extending as the pallets are recycled. Our pallets have natural internal strength, promoting a longer lifespan than other materials used to craft pallets.


Benefits Of Plastic Pallets


We believe it’s every Farnborough customer’s responsibility to be more environmentally conscious. Our plastic pallets are specially designed to have a remarkably long lifespan. When cared for they can last for up to a decade! By offering used and recycled plastic pallets, we are making a conscious effort to renovate and reuse existing pallets to stop them from going onto landfill.



The structural integrity of pallets made from plastic is unrivalled. Their inherent durability means they can carry and store products with significant weight. Due to the sturdy material, plastic pallets won’t splinter as low-quality wooden pallets commonly do. With outstanding levels of manufacturing, these pallets aren’t susceptible to breakage or damage.



This transportation and storage solution is more hygienic than timber pallets. When in use, you won’t need to worry about mould or dust contamination as they are skillfully designed with a resistant coating. This prevents moisture, alkalis and acids from gathering. This makes our plastic pallets ideal for a range of business and personal needs in Farnborough.


Easy to Maintain

You won’t need to dedicate too much time and energy to keep the pallets in fantastic working condition. Plastic, as a material, is naturally easy to clean and wash down. We guarantee a long shelf life with minimal upkeep. With a little maintenance, the plastic pallets we offer are mould, damp and infestation resistant.


Plastic Pallet Prices Farnborough

Choose from our broad selection of plastic pallets for your Farnborough project. Both the new and used range can withstand great weights and are weatherproof, making plastic pallets a fantastic investment for transportation and storage projects. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, we guarantee we have a plastic pallet that will cater to your needs

We offer a bespoke quotation service for a select few of our pallets. This allows you to enjoy an accurate price as well as make it easier to bulk-buy. Simply fill out your details, including the delivery location and volume. We will then get back to you with a quick price tailored to your specifications.

You can also request a quote or over the phone. Call our freephone and we will do our best to answer any queries you may have. You can contact us using our contact form, asking us anything related to our plastic pallet range or prices.

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