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Plastic Pallets for Storage

27 Apr 2022

plastic pallet storage prices

Our plastic pallets are perfect to use as storage devices to transport your company’s goods! The products we provide are highly durable and remarkably strong. With Plastic Pallets, you can choose from a range of dimensions and types of pallets, which will make it easy to manoeuvre and store your products.

Plastic Pallets Range

We sell euro plastic, standard plastic, and non-standard plastic pallets at competitive prices at Plastic Pallets. These pallets will save you on space, as they all have various storage options. The standard dimensions for our nestable pallets are 1200x1000mm, but should you require a different dimension, get in touch as we offer a bespoke sizing service.

Plastic Pallets Benefits

All of our products are versatile and strong. And will withstand a remarkable amount of weight. Plastic pallets have always been a very popular product in the transportation industry. This is mainly due to how easy they are to transport and store. They are also designed to be forklift friendly. Your factory workers can efficiently transport goods when using our products for storage.

New Plastic Pallets

We offer new pallets to businesses across the UK that are all manufactured and designed to offer high performance and superb storage capability. We are proud to share that our products are amongst the most durable on the market today. And are available in a range of styles. You can find the perfect pallet for your business with us.

Receive high-quality pallets which will offer you brilliant longevity. Our pallets are built from scratch-resistant materials. At Plastic Pallets, quality is one of our number one priorities. We want to ensure that our plastic pallets will be easy to use and store away while offering you years of use.

Used Pallets

If you want to save money and have a cost-effective product, our used pallets are perfect for you. We offer a pallet collection service for unused pallets to ensure that they don’t go to waste. The used pallets available are all refurbished to function as good as new. The products’ prices are determined by their load, capacity and weight.

As a material, plastic has a long shelf life. This shelf life is extended each time the plastic pallets are recycled. And in addition, our pallets have been designed to feature high internal strength. When you choose Plastic Pallets, you will receive durable plastic pallets that can store and transport your products for years.

Low Maintenance

Along with their many benefits, our pallets are low maintenance. You’ll be able to store and transport your products without worrying about getting new pallets each year or paying out for maintenance. It takes very little to keep our pallets in optimal working condition. Plastic is an easy material to clean, which rings true for our plastic pallets. If you give the pallets an occasional washdown, they’ll easily stay in good condition.


Both new and used pallets are highly hygienic. Store away and transport your goods without concerns of contamination. You won’t have any trouble keeping them clean. They are designed to be simple to wash to ensure that they meet the relevant industry standards. We have found our plastic pallets to be a favourite among the food industry as they offer a low contamination risk. And as a bonus, our pallets are coated with an infestation resisting coating.

plastic pallets sustainable storage


Plastic is an incredibly durable material which can be reused again and again, proven by the pallet collection service we offer. Providing plastic has been refurbished correctly, you can have a product which will last many years. We are proud to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Believing in the importance of sustainability, we manufacture our plastic pallets to be extremely robust. You will save money and be eco-friendly with our pallets.

Plastic Pallets For Storage Prices

Start storing away your products efficiently with our plastic pallets. We have a whole range available. You’ll be able to save on money and storage space with our plastic pallets. Get a quote today using our online pricing tool. You’ll receive a free and accurate quote!

Alternatively, take a look at our pallets to learn which unit is the right one for you. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through the quoting process and answer any questions you have. Use our online contact form to contact us or call 03301 757 766.

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