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Plastic Pallets Guide

27 Apr 2022

plastic pallets guide

Plastic Pallet Guide

We’ve created a plastic pallet guide to help you find the best pallets that will best suit your company. It can be hard to know where to begin with such a wide range to choose from and so many different specifications. This guide will break down the types of plastic pallets available and their exact uses. You will be able to choose the plastic pallets which will meet your requirements.


  1. Why use plastic pallets?

  2. Plastic Pallet Designs

  3. Nestable Plastic Pallets

  4. Stackable Pallets

  5. Rackable Pallets

  6. Plastic Pallet vs Wooden Pallets

  7. Standard Plastic Pallet Sizes

  8. Euro Plastic Pallets

  9. Standard Plastic Pallets

  10. Non-Standard Plastic Pallets

  11. Benefits of Plastic Pallets

  12. Shipping

  13. Display

  14. Environmentally Friendly

  15. Storage

  16. Plastic Pallets Guide Prices

Why Use Plastic Pallets?

There are many reasons for you to choose plastic pallets over any others. For one, plastic is a highly versatile material. Due to this versatility, we can easily manufacture our pallets to offer a wide range of benefits, including being robust, light or heavyweight, and stackable! Additionally, plastic can be easily reused. You won’t have to worry about your pallet becoming weak over time. The material is long-lasting even after many years.  This is great as eventually when you no longer have use for the pallets, you won’t need to worry about adding to your carbon footprint. Just like wooden pallets that have been reused as furniture, plastic pallets can be reused in a number of ways. They are amazingly diverse and can be extremely useful in a number of different applications.

Plastic Pallet Designs

Plastic pallets are available in various designs, including nestable, stackable and rackable pallets that offer a range of advantages.

nesting plastic pallet guide

Nestable Plastic Pallets

Nestable pallets can essentially be stored inside each other when empty due to their unique design. They are a great choice for businesses who want pallets which are easy to store and will take up less space when not in use. You can use nestable pallets in the same way as any other type of pallet. These pallets are still perfect as a transportation application and will keep your goods well protected.

The main benefit of nestable pallets is how efficient they are as a storage solution. Our nestable plastic pallets can be piled quite high in tight neat stacks when in storage. Your business may find nestable pallets a great choice due to how they can decrease freight and storage costs. If your business exports products often, nestable pallets are perfect for you as they are easy to transport and ship back after use.

Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets offer a range of advantages. They are a popular choice due to how easy they are to stack. Their stackable ability is due to the support they have on the bottom, which allows them to be easily stacked on top of a loaded pallet. This feature also allows the plastic pallets to be neatly stacked whilst transporting your goods. You can also easily store them away when not in use.

They are highly flexible and can free up space in your warehouse. Should you have no racks available in your warehouse, stackable pallets are a great solution as they can be modified to adjust to the setup of your warehouse.

rackable plastic pallets guide

Rackable Pallets

Rackable pallets can hold heavy loads. These pallets are easy to clean and maintain, making them great for transporting and storing goods. These plastic pallets are used in various ways due to their durability. You’ll be able to use them for very heavy loads without worrying about the pallets falling apart. Rackable pallets are available in various styles, including edge racks, pushback racks, supported open beam racks and open wire mesh racks.

Plastic Pallet vs Wooden Pallets

There are many reasons to change from wood to plastic when it comes to your pallets. Plastic pallets offer a variety of advantages and abilities their wooden counterpart may find harder to meet. And it’s also not difficult to recycle plastic pallets. Our plastic pallets are sustainable and durable. Our pallets are trackable, low-maintenance, easy to handle, offer great storage and have superb strength. In addition, plastic is a lot easier to clean than wood. It’s also the safer option as, unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets aren’t prone to splinter. With us, you will have pallets that will last you many years and keep your goods safe.

Standard Pallet Sizes

You will be able to resolve any storage issues your business may have with our plastic pallets. Our plastic pallets are manufactured to offer you superb storage capabilities. There are three sizing options available for you: Euro plastic pallets, standard plastic pallets, and non-standard plastic pallets.

Euro Plastic Pallets

Our Euro pallets are the standard pallet size used to transport products across Europe. The euro plastic pallets make it quicker for the importing company, as goods won’t require to be repacked when they arrive. The euro pallet size is available for a range of pallets.

Euro pallets are compatible with all standard handling equipment. This makes it easy to transport your goods around a warehouse. As the pallets are manufactured to be of the highest quality, they are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly. With these pallets, you’ll be able to reduce your cost of transportation and increase productivity levels.

These pallets are available in four different sizes:
EUR/EUR1: 800 x 1200mm
EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm
EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm
EUR6: 800 x 600mm

Standard Plastic Pallets

Standard plastic pallets measure to be 1200mm x 1000mm. You will be able to have the pallets meet a range of different specifications and designs. Our standard pallets are manufactured to be more of a lightweight pallet as a budget option. Alternatively, you can choose to have a heavy-duty plastic pallet that is ideal for heavy loads and will be able to store your goods safely without concern.

Standard pallets are specifically designed to be used in hygienic environments. You will be able to clean them quickly and efficiently. This is a great advantage should there be any hazardous spills. The pallets can be washed off and sanitised without wasting too much time and money. Additionally, you can use your standard pallets for global shipping when restrictions of the Euro pallet are not required.

Non-Standard Plastic Pallets

If you require a more specialist or different sized pallet, our non-standard plastic pallets are the perfect option. Should you have a warehouse or facility with limited storage capability, the non-standard pallets are a great option. These pallets offer the same advantages as a standard pallet but won’t have the same dimension restrictions.

Our non-standard pallets can be used in the same way as their wooden counterparts, including storage units. They are closely matched to your warehouse’s space allowing for less space to get wasted both whiles in and out of use.

Plastic Pallets Benefits

Plastic pallets have a wide range of advantages which you can make the most out of. Our pallets are highly versatile and are manufactured to be high-performing and environmentally friendly. When you choose to buy plastic pallets, you will be making a long-term investment which will be cost-effective and efficient.


Our pallets are a great resource to use for the export and import shipping of your goods. You won’t have to worry about delays due to ISPM 15 regulations, as once our pallets are manufactured into shape, they don’t require any further treatment and inspections. This will dramatically increase the productivity and time efficiency of your good production. Compared to other transportation applications, plastic pallets don’t have the same safety concerns as other products. The pallets are specifically manufactured together instead, with no nails required. This makes it safer for workers to manoeuvre the pallets around.


Plastic pallets are becoming more and more popular to display food. This is because pallets are transferred straight to a supermarket floor from the storage room. Our pallets can be seamlessly slotted into an aisle, limiting the risk of food contamination. As well as making it easy to transfer goods from one area to another, the pallets make a great alternative to traditional displays. Our pallets are easily incorporated into a food promotional display.

plastic pallets sustainable storage

Environmentally Friendly

A great benefit of our plastic pallets is that they are environmentally friendly. The pallets are manufactured from the ISO 14001 Standards, which means they are a superb choice for environmentally conscious companies. Our pallets are also easy to recycle. Plastic can be reshaped and manufactured over and over again. You won’t have to worry about making a huge environmental impact with our pallets.


Our plastic pallets can offer you a great solution if you have storage issues. Plastic pallets are available in various sizes and can be easily manufactured and modified to meet your needs. They can easily store a range of lightweight and heavyweight products while at the same time also saving you space.

Plastic Pallet Guide Prices

Have you been able to make your choice after reading our plastic pallet guide? Get a quote today using our online pricing tool. It’s accurate and free to use!

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