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Plastic Pallets to the Rescue

21 Jul 2015

Plastic pallets have many uses within industrial and manufacturing settings, and we have become used to seeing their benefits across the storage and logistics sectors. However, they are an extremely versatile product that can have a number of uses across a wide range of areas. One innovative way of using plastic pallets is in emergency situations, such as during a flood. Their composition and lightweight nature can provide advantages for people affected by these circumstances.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Flooding can occur in a variety of situations – due to excessive rainfall or burst pipes, for example. The problem can quickly escalate, so it’s vital that businesses have an evacuation plan that they can quickly implement when flooding happens. In these circumstances, it’s important to be able to evacuate people from the premises as easily and safely as possible. Plastic pallets are ideal for creating raised walkways through the flood waters.


Plastic pallets are extremely lightweight, which is a definite benefit during a flood. It means they can be moved and positioned easily and quickly by anyone who is available. When they’re no longer required, they can be stored by stacking them together to save space.

Strong and Durable

Plastic pallets might benefit from being lightweight, but that doesn’t means that they’re not also strong enough to be used in practical situations. The pallets have been originally designed to accommodate products safely and to be handled by machinery such as fork lifts. They are capable of withstanding the weight of people walking across them without breaking or becoming damaged. This enables them to be used in emergency situations to evacuate people to safety.

They are also constructed from a durable material and can be utilised a number of times without seeing a reduction in their strength. Once they’ve been used, they can be stored until they’re required again.


Probably the most crucial feature of plastic pallets when they’re used in a flooding situation is that they’re completely water-resistant. This is an enormous advantage during a flood, when people need to get away from the rising waters as quickly and safely as possible. The plastic pallets don’t absorb the water as other materials, such as the carpets, soft furnishings or walls, would do. This enables people to cross an area without becoming too wet. They could also be used to store items at a higher level and prevent them becoming damaged by the flood waters.

As you can see, plastic pallets are an extremely versatile and practical product. They can be used for their original intention, which is the storage and transportation of goods, and they can also be utilised in emergency situations.

At Plastic Pallets we stock a range of high-quality plastic pallets in a number of different styles and sizes. Whatever you require your pallets for, we can help you find exactly what you need.

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