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Plastic Pallets Shaftesbury

07 Dec 2021

Plastic Pallets Shaftesbury

From transportation to storage, our range of multi-functional plastic pallets will be a fantastic investment for any business in the Shaftesbury region. We offer both new and used plastic pallets that work to your bespoke specifications and budgetary needs, delivering a premium and long-lasting plastic solution.

We also offer a diverse range of plastic pallets that vary in terms of dimensions and weight capacities. It has never been easier to get exactly the right product for your project, no matter how big or small it is. Every product in our new and used pallets range has been designed to carry your cargo and keep it safe no matter the weather conditions. Our plastic pallets are a fantastic investment for any business in the Shaftesbury region.

We offer a versatile range of plastic products so we’re confident you will find the perfect pallet for your project. Plastic pallets are lightweight but can carry up to 20% more than timber pallets. These plastic pallet solutions are often used in the food and pharmaceutical industry as they are highly resilient against bacterial and chemical contamination.


New Plastic Pallets

Brand new plastic pallets are some of the most robust products available on the market. Get a high-performance product that will perform for many years to come. Pallets in our plastic range come in a non-standard size, as well as ISO, approved 1200 x 800mm dimensions.

Every brand new pallet we offer has been specially designed and manufactured to deliver superior levels of quality. They all meet relevant industry standards, so you can have full confidence in your new investment. We want our Shaftesbury customers to get the most out of the plastic pallets we offer and that they meet your high expectations. Once they reach the end of their long life, you can recycle these pallets.


Used Plastic Pallets

Plastic used pallets are the perfect solution for customers looking for an affordable option without compromising on the quality. Despite being pre-loved, these plastic made pallets are reconditioned so that they will securely transport or store your products.

Plastic used pallets are incredibly durable, especially in comparison with pallets made from timber. This pallet range is sustainable and can even be used as an interior décor feature or as part of a DIY project. Re-use your pallet to reduce landfill and enjoy a long-lasting product.





Both new and used plastic pallets are hygienic. They are all cleaned to ensure that they meet the latest, relevant industry standards. This makes them the perfect choice for pharmaceutical companies and food processing businesses because they have a low risk of contamination and will keep your cargo protected. Our plastic pallets feature a resistant coating to stop mould and reduce dust contamination issues. Enjoy a lower maintenance pallet that will stay looking better for longer.



We take sustainability seriously. That is why pallets made from plastic are durable, which means they can be used time and time again. These eco-friendly pallets will give Shaftesbury customers many years of service. Because they last for so long, you will spend less money on re-purchasing new pallets. You will use these plastic pallets for many different jobs, stopping them from going to landfill after one use.



These are almost infinite uses for our range of plastic pallets; although they are mainly used for storage and transport. Products, goods and belongings can be shrink-wrapped or strapped to the plastic pallets for export. If strapped correctly, they will stay structurally intact due to the inherent robustness of the materials we use. In between uses or at the end of its extended lifecycle, you can use plastic pallet solutions for interior design projects. Our amazing recycling scheme also encourages the reuse of leftover plastic pallets, transforming them into fantastic new products.


Easy to Maintain

Our Shaftesbury customers won’t need to worry about maintaining plastic pallets as they need very minimal upkeep. From the durable plastic to the enduring coating, the manufacturing process of our products means that your goods will remain secure during the storage or transportation process. Whilst plastic pallet products in Shaftesbury do need an occasional clean, it’s a very quick and hassle-free role.


Plastic Pallet Prices Shaftesbury

Our plastic pallets are a fantastic investment because they are so versatile and easy to maintain. We offer competitive prices across our entire range of plastic pallets, so you can always stay on budget. To get a bespoke quote, please fill out our pricing form. Simply enter your contact details, your preferred pallet and the required quantity. We will then be in touch with a price tailored to your exact requirements.

If you still have queries about our plastic pallets and if they are right for your Shaftesbury project, please get in touch with our team today. Send us a message via our online contact form or call us, and a member of our team will help you out.

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