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How To Solve your Business Storage Issues

14 Jul 2017

If your business has storage issues, then the chances are you’ll have been faced with making decisions on what types of storage to use. For example, plastic crates are an extremely efficient way of storing items, as they can be stacked securely, are long-lasting and robust and some designs pack flat when not in use. If you haven’t considered the benefits of plastic containers and pallets, then now may be the time to switch.

Establish Your Storage Needs

Do you want to store those bits and pieces of equipment that you use infrequently, or do you need a secure home for your business archives? Does your business often transport fragile or perishable goods, or do you have stock that needs storing in mint condition? Then plastic storage crates are the versatile solution, saving you time and money.

The Advantages of Plastic Pallets

Although the wooden pallet offers lower upfront costs, the advantages of plastic pallets far outweigh the initial investment. They have a longer lifespan than wood, lasting on average for 10 years, are safer than wood – no nails or splinters – and are easy to keep clean, making them far more hygienic than wooden pallets. This type of storage is ideal for everything from lightweight nestables to heavy-duty racking, particularly when paired with plastic crates. However, if you don’t run a warehouse set-up, then you may prefer to look at other types of plastic containers to meet your storage needs.

The Benefits of Plastic Crate Containers

The ultimate in functionality, these types of containers are easy to use and to keep clean, resistant to corrosion and moisture and chemical- and pest-repellent. This makes them ideal for everything from archiving business documents to storing slower-moving stock in perfect condition. These types of crates can be stacked on top of each other or even stored on a plastic pallet.

Incredibly versatile, this is the storage solution that works best for a wide range of businesses thanks to the huge range of styles and strengths available. It’s simple to choose storage that’s right for your business and that meets a wide range of demands, from keeping samples fresh to locking down archived materials.

Worldwide Storage Standards

If your storage needs are global rather than local, then you’ll need Euro containers designed to store and send goods in the most efficient fashion. Produced to European sizes and designed to fit European pallets, these Euro containers come in a wide range of industry-specific designs for use in engineering, catering and the hospitality industry. Vented crates are ideal for transporting perishable goods in optimum conditions, because they’re most sturdy and hygienic.

Solve Your Storage Issues

Plastic crates are the ideal solution to your storage issues, thanks to their longevity, durability and versatility. Pairing your stackable or breathable containers with a plastic pallet creates a practical and economical storage solution, whatever your business storage issues.

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