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A Vision Of The Future?

03 Jan 2014

Nestable and Lightweight Pallets

Plastic pallets have been with us in one form or another since the years following the Second World War. However, their development into the form we recognise today stems from the 1960s, following innovations from plastic pallets manufacturers and their techniques. Today they are growing in popularity in comparison with their wooden counterparts.

Nestable and Lightweight

The APLP1210 nestable lightweight pallet is an adaptable, strong pallet suitable for a variety of uses and capable of being shipped to all corners of the world. Its robust design and manufacture enables its lightweight construction (from HD-PE) to carry heavy loads of up to 1,00kg. Despite its sturdy appearance and strength, it only weighs 6.8kg when unloaded.

Ingenious design features include the ability for this pallet to be stacked neatly and with space-saving considerations, as each of its nine feet slot neatly into the pallet underneath, thus providing a recess into which the one above fits.

Conforming to a convenient standard size of 1,200 x 1,000 x 150 mm, the APLP1210 presents no problems for storage and pallet shipping and is available in a utilitarian black colour.

The Advantages of Plastic

Plastic options now account for round about 10% of the entire pallet market and are growing in popularity. There are many reasons associated with this but the main ones are as follows:

•       They last longer despite their initial higher cost, making longevity more affordable.
•       They are more durable than wooden pallets.
•       Few repairs are needed to keep them in service.
•       They are extremely strong.
•       They can be easily sterilised, making them suitable for use in food transportation.
•       They are non-absorbent and therefore are not affected by powerful odours which may be absorbed by wooden pallets.
•       They are more fire-retardant than wooden pallets.
•       Because they do not splinter during transportation, they offer better protection for the goods being transported.
•       Due to their lightweight construction, they not only save on transportation and labour costs but are more environmentally friendly, as less fuel is required to move them around.
•        Finally, they are reusable and recyclable.

What Alternatives Are There?

Other forms of plastic pallet options include rackable pallets, which are the strongest on the market and are used on an open rack system without decking. They are available in both light duty and heavy duty options.

Stackable pallets are manufactured with a bottom deck which enables them to be stacked on top of other pallets without incurring damage to any load. They are available in a variety of bottom options, including picture frame, cruciform, three rail and post and rail.

Drum pallets are designed specifically to hold fifty-gallon drums and are available in a variety of options, from spill containment to export.

As you can see, plastic pallets are growing in variety and increasing in popularity thanks to their unique and distinctive qualities. We can only look forward to a future when they are the premier way to ship goods around the world.

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