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Wrapping Machine Cocoons Palletised Loads in Plastic

04 Mar 2017

A wrapping machine is being patented which wraps palletised loads in plastic pallet wrap to boost stability and allow for long-term storage outdoors.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine cocoons products straight on to pallets rather than wrapping product-to-product, as in the case of standard stretch wrapping machines and shrink wrappers.

The machine aims to boost shipping and packing efficiency, offer greater protection and stability for all loads, and reduce material, labour and freight damage costs. It is also suitable for odd-sized loads.

It uses Orbital technology to wrap irregularly shaped, oversized and standard loads with no restrictions, according to its makers, and works around an axis that is horizontal rather than the vertical one used by traditional shrink and stretch-wrapping machinery.

Products can be wrapped on pallets without having to remove them from forklifts, or they can be wrapped on a conveyor system. Loads can then be locked into place without the need for strapping or banding.

Taking the Inside Out

The patent-pending line of machinery is created by TAB Industries of Reading, Pennsylvania, and is said to create a weather-resistant fully enclosed barrier around loads to protect against the elements. According to the company, this should allow ‘valuable products’ to be kept on pallets in semi-enclosed locations and outdoors without concerns about significant deterioration, contact damage or rust.

In an attempt to offer an upgrade to traditional horizontal turntable stretch wrappers, which can leave loads exposed from below and above after palletisation, the TAB Wrapper Tornado wrappers wrap film around 360 degrees, covering around the load, above and below.

The machinery is being touted as the ideal way of safeguarding products packed in containers such as bags, drums and boxes, as well as those which are subject to palletisation without external packaging. The stretch wrap protects products by keeping out moisture and tightly binding products to create stable loads and reduce the risk of contact damage.

Plastic pallet wrap

Freeing Up Warehouse Space

The TAB company claims the machinery can allow products such as building materials, metal products, pipes and tubing to be moved outdoors to free up shelf and rack space inside. It could also make more floor space available to improve workplace safety or to open up opportunities for additional production.

The line is made up of three standard models. These feature 100-inch, 80-inch and 40-inch wrapping rings, which can accommodate items as big as five foot by five foot and of infinite lengths. Even larger products can be wrapped by custom models.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado machinery is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Reading and is shipping out to buyers fully assembled and ready to use.

The machinery is said to be able to wrap stretch film around a load in 60 seconds or less as a wrapping cylinder moves across the pallet dispensing film.

The wrapping cylinder, which carries the wrapping material, moves parallel to a conveyor belt or a forklift’s forks.

As well as boosting efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the machinery’s maker is also claiming a host of safety and comfort features. These include an ergonomic design, conveniently located emergency stops, a side access door to allow stretch wrap rolls to be changed safely, and steel guarding covers for moving parts.

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