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Selecting A Plastic Pallet or Plastic Box

Plastic Pallets Pallet Boxes Small Containers
Static Load

This is the capacity that the pallet is capable of holding when it’s stored on the floor or stacked.

Up to 10,000kg Up to 7,000kg (max. stack load) Up to 500kg (max. stack load)
Dynamic Load

This refers to the maximum weight that can be accommodated when a pallet is lifted with a hand jack or forklift.

Up to 2,000kg Up to 1,000kg Up to 50kg
Racking Load

This level refers to the maximum weight that a pallet can hold when it’s used in a racking system and there is no support below the pallet’s centre.

Up to 2,000kg Up to 1,000kg N/A
Product Style

The type of plastic pallet, pallet box or container available.

Nestable, Display, Medium duty, Heavy duty, Hygienic, Non-perimeter (three runners), Full perimeter (five or six runners) Rigid
Colour Black and grey,
blue, red,
green, yellow,
white, beige*
Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige* Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige*
Pallet Deck or Box Structure Type

Open deck allows for better drainage and airflow.<br/ > Closed deck are easier to clean and are normally more hygienic.

Open deck
semi-open deck
closed deck
Solid or perforated Solid or perforated
Optional lips

Most plastic pallets come with 6mm high lips but these are often an additional extra.

Standard 6mm high
22mm lips available on automotive pallet
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


PP (Polypropylene).

PP is a plastic material known as polypropylene. PP is more flexible and durable. PP boasts a higher tolerance to heat, meaning it can be heated up to 90°C without causing any problems or changes to its structure


PE produces a stiff finish ideal if you want to create pallets that are strong and not liable to bending.


Recycled and virgin:
(Polyethylene terephtalate)
Recycled and virgin:
and virgin:
Operating temperature

Loading capacities and performance can be affected by different operating temperatures due to the properties of the different plastics.

HDPE (and PE): -30°C to +40°C

Can be cleaned at up to +80°C

PP: -20°C to +60°C

PO: must be kept dry

ESD Options available N/A N/A
Anti-slip surfaces

Some circumstances may require anti-slip surfaces.

Optional addition on some pallets N/A N/A
Optional additions

Plastic Pallets offer a whole host of optional extras and additions.

Screen Printing
Custom colours
Clip-on runners
Optional pallet lips
Screen and Hot Die Printing
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Screen and Hot Die printing
Thermal Transfer
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Ticket clips

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