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6 Reasons To Use Plastic Pallets For Export-Import Shipping

30 Nov 2018

Using plastic pallets for export-import shipping plays an important role in your import and export business.

weight reduction in pallet exportation

6 Reasons to Use Plastic Pallets for Export-Import Shipping:

Logistics, Delays and Procedures of ISPM 15 Regulations

With the use of plastic pallets, there is no need to comply with ISPM 15 regulations. Once pallets are molded to their shape, there is no further treatment or inspections required.

Export Plastic Pallets are Cost Effective

Plastic pallets are both durable and lightweight, and some plastic pallets even provide space saving benefits. If a pallet is more durable then it is more likely to last longer than a weaker structured pallet, meaning you do not have to fork out money as often. Having a lightweight pallet will cost you less when shipping pallets as the weight of the overall structure will be less than if you used a more heavyweight pallet such as a wooden one. Nestable, rackable or stackable pallets provide maximum storage options due to being able to perfectly sit inside one another, causing less space to be required to store empty pallets. This can also reduce costs, by not having to have as large warehouse to store them.

Shipping Plastic Pallets are Versatile

Plastic pallets can be used to ship a variety of different industry types, whereas wooden pallets are more restrictive due to being more likely to cause cross contamination. Plastic pallets are unaffected by moisture or weak acids, making them the most popular pallet choice for all industries including the pharmaceutical or food industries.

Forget about the Safety Concerns when Handling Shipping Pallets

There are very few safety concerns when handling shipping pallets, due to them having being molded together in the structure as opposed to being fixed together using nails. They are also unable to become splintered or chipped on edges which could be a safety concern for damage to products or for the person handling the product.

Export Plastic Pallets are Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Plastic pallets are fully hygienic and easy to clean which means you do not have to worry about bacteria growth, termites or fungus throughout the shipping process. Plastic pallets are able to be washed, which will help them remain clean for a long time.The molded surface prevents gathering of dust or dirt from collecting on the pallet.

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