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Feb 20


How Plastic Pallets Are Manufactured

Pallets can be made from a number of materials other than wood, such as plastic or metal. A plastic pallet is cheaper than a metal one and less prone to mildew and infestation than a wooden one, and it doesn't absorb moisture. As a result, many businesses have been converting from wood to plastic for material-handling equipment. There are six main processes for manufacturing a plastic... Read More »

Feb 20


Pallets for Air Freight

When you are dealing with air freight, there are specific pallets and containers that you must use. The aircraft have precise requirements for the types of loads that they can accommodate, and each individual pallet has been designed to fit into the various types of aircraft. This ensures that cargo can be loaded and unloaded with minimal delays. Benefits of Air Freight A pallet or... Read More »

Jan 20


Plastic Containers: Should You Choose Flexible or Rigid?

Plastic containers are used for a huge variety of different products, from electrical goods and toys to food and drink. It offers manufacturers and consumers a range of benefits and has become the material of choice for the majority of companies. When designing new plastic containers, plastic pallet manufacturers need to decide whether to use flexible or rigid plastic containers. These both have... Read More »

Jan 20


Choosing The Right Euro Plastic Pallet

The Euro pallet is the standard-sized pallet used for the safe and efficient transportation of goods across Europe. There is also demand for Euro pallets from businesses around the world that import goods into Europe, as choosing Euro plastic pallets makes it considerably easier and quicker for the importing company, since goods do not have to be repacked when they arrive. They are easy to... Read More »

Jan 20


Why You Should Use Plastic Pallets For Food Or Pharmaceuticals

Introduction The use of plastic pallets in some industries has exploded over the last few years. These industries are the food and pharmaceutical industry. And what's the reason for this? Hygiene. That's right, plastic pallets are much more hygienic than their wooden counterparts. This makes them an ideal packaging and transportation solution for food and pharmaceuticals. These... Read More »

Jan 20


Euro Plastic Pallets And Their Benefits

Standardisation of commonly used items offers a number of significant advantages, not the least being cost savings throughout the supply chain and the reduction in used and obsolete parts as designs change, sometimes for unnecessary reasons. The Euro pallet is one of just six types of pallets in the world recognised by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). While pallet... Read More »

Jan 20


Common Euro Plastic Pallet and ISO Plastic Pallet Sizes

Choosing the correct type and size of plastic pallet is vital for any business to optimise both storage space and minimise shipping costs. This also ensures that goods are handled safely and efficiently during each transportation phase. The majority of freight and courier companies worldwide operate from a pooled pallet system that depends on standardised pallet dimensions. European... Read More »

Dec 19


How Strong Are Plastic Pallets?

How Strong Are Plastic Pallets? There’s nothing worse or more disruptive than Pallets breaking or damaging whilst in use. It can lead to delays and added costs for your business. To avoid this from happening, we simply need the answer to one question, ‘How strong are Plastic Pallets?’ Or maybe more specifically ‘what are their maximum load capacity?’ Whilst this question seems... Read More »

Nov 19


The Ultimate Guide To Bespoke & Custom Plastic Pallets

Introduction Pallets are used widely within any logistics operation, and the advantages of plastic ones are important to consider when deciding what material to use. Even better, custom plastic pallets can help streamline your business activities. Contents Chapter One - What is custom plastic pallet? Chapter Two - Why would a company want to use custom plastic pallets? Chapter Three... Read More »

Sep 19


Plastic Pallets: The Ultimate Guide To Standard Size Plastic Pallets For 2019

Introduction Historically pallet sizes used to vary drastically between different countries. As you can imagine this would cause many issues for international trade. Thankfully, great progress has been made in this realm of standardisation and reusability. This was a very important development to improve global trade. There are now a list of 6 pallet sizes outlined by the ISO... Read More »

Sep 19


Plastic Containers, Boxes and Crates – The Definitive Guide (2020)

Introduction The plastic containers, boxes and crates market can be quite mystifying. There are so many different types; Plastic pallet boxes - with and without flaps, not to mention the collapsible and ventilated variations. Then you have spacing saving boxes which equally have many different variations. Finally you have stacking and Euro containers. These too have their own set... Read More »

Aug 19


Ultimate Guide To: Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastic Pallets

Introduction There is now more awareness around the environment and climate than perhaps any other point in recent history. It’s important that businesses do their bit to reduce their impact on the environment. If you currently use wooden pallets you may think they’re the best option. Due to horror stories of floating plastic islands and the like you may think that plastic pallets... Read More »

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