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Sep 17


How Is A Plastic Pallet Produced?

Plastic pallets are produced in various ways. How they are created can affect a number of factors, including cost and use. Here we look at some of the main methods of production. High pressure injection moulding Pallets are made by this method by first adding virgin or quality resin to a barrel with a colourant. These are then melted and injected into a mould, using very high pressure. The... Read More »

Sep 17


What Goes Into A Plastic Pallet And How?

Plastic pallets may look identical to each other; however, when you delve into their manufacturing process, you will quickly realise that there are many different types of pallet. In addition to being constructed in various ways, pallets made from plastic comprise a variety of different synthetic material components. Here is all you need to know. Understanding plastic materials To... Read More »

Sep 17


Picking The Perfect Plastic Pallet For Your Industry

Plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular for lots of good reasons. If you want to decrease the weight - and thus the cost - of shipping, plastic is an extremely durable and lightweight choice. As they can be used many times with little effects of wear and tear, they are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that reduces waste and trims costs. They are not affected by damp and therefore... Read More »

Sep 17


Why You Should Consider Used Plastic Pallets

Pallets are a fundamental part of easily transporting goods safely and securely from one place to another. The standard pallet has evolved in recent years and now incorporates design features to make it more effective. In the past, pallets were only made of wood; now, there are factors to consider, such as the nature of the goods being shipped, the method of transport that will be used, and... Read More »

Aug 17


Global Plastic Pallets Market Expected To Reach US$ 17.5 bn by 2024

A report from Credence Research Global Plastic Pallets Market, called Growth, Future Prospects & Competitive Analysis, 2016-2024, the plastic pallets market is expected to be worth US $17.5Bn by 2024. The report uses quantitative and qualitative data sets to create an overall picture of the market dynamics for the global plastic pallets industry. Growth will be driven by greater use of... Read More »

Aug 17


New Technology Developments Driving Demand for Plastic Pallets

Technology is driving development and innovation in the plastic pallet industry. Many companies are cutting costs by using plastic pallets to reduce manual handling of items, and they are versatile, with more than one use. They can be used for moving goods from warehouses or factories to retail outlets, can store products internally and can even be used for display. Plastic pallets last a long... Read More »

Aug 17


Why Plastic Pallets Make Financial Sense

If your company has been using wooden pallets since before you can remember, it’s not alone. Pallets are used to transport a huge range of goods and products from one place to another, from bananas to bags of flour, ceramics to electrical goods, and in the past the majority of those pallets were made from wood. Wooden pallets are still out there in huge numbers - estimates range in the... Read More »

Aug 17


Why Plastic Pallets are Safer than Wooden Pallets

Until relatively recently, most companies that needed pallets to transport and store their products would have used the standard wooden type. But now there are other options which could have multiple benefits for the industries involved. Plastic pallets, in particular, offer a number of advantages over the wooden versions, especially in the area of workplace safety, which should of course be... Read More »

Jul 17


Best Uses for Plastic Storage Boxes

There's nothing worse than storing expensive jumpers and special clothes away and then finding that moths have found their way into the cardboard boxes you have used and have spent the summer contentedly chomping through your favourite sweater. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this, and that’s by using plastic boxes, which have multiple advantages over cardboard. If you use a storage box which... Read More »

Jul 17


How To Solve your Business Storage Issues

If your business has storage issues, then the chances are you’ll have been faced with making decisions on what types of storage to use. For example, plastic crates are an extremely efficient way of storing items, as they can be stacked securely, are long-lasting and robust and some designs pack flat when not in use. If you haven’t considered the benefits of plastic containers and pallets,... Read More »

Jul 17


Mistakes to Avoid When Handling your Plastic Pallets

If your business has invested in new or used plastic pallets, the last thing you want is to damage them or the load that they’re carrying. So follow these simple steps to keep your pallets intact, your loads undamaged and your staff working safely. Fork Alignment and Positioning Firstly, the load needs to be correctly positioned on the forklift. If it’s placed too low and the vehicle... Read More »

Jul 17


Plastic Crates Changing Lives of Nigerian Farmers

Plastic crates are changing the lives of farmers in Nigeria by giving them a durable, long-lasting and hygienic way to transport produce. The Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) is aimed at reducing post-harvest losses associated with transporting goods in traditional woven raffia baskets. These are set to be replaced under a proposal to utilise plastic crates for produce, which is... Read More »

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