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May 17


Advantages of plastic pallets

Pallets are now a vital part of logistics, and while the vast majority of those currently in use are made from wood, there are many advantages of plastic pallets which are just waiting to be uncovered. These benefits are still somewhat of a secret in many quarters, but take a look at the following attributes of plastic pallets, and you might well want to join a growing number of people and... Read More »

May 17


The role of plastic pallets in creating supply chain efficiencies

Plastic pallets offer a major step forward in materials handling, providing a safe, efficient and effective way of transporting large loads to retail stores and distribution centres. They also allow companies which focus on materials handling to reduce hidden costs by maximising efficiencies within the plastic pallets supply chain, along with reducing transportation costs and saving warehouse... Read More »

May 17


Next year to be fantastic for plastic says pallet maker

Next year to be fantastic for plastic says pallet maker Wooden pallets first began to be used in the 1920s, and they have changed little since. At the time they were a great step forward, because they greatly speeded up the task of unloading and loading the old freight wagons, which could take about three days sometimes. The plastic pallet probably represents the first major advance since... Read More »

May 17


The key differences between plastic and wooden pallets

The debate over plastic and wooden pallets and which type is best for transporting particular goods shows no sign of abating. So let’s look at the key differences between plastic and wooden pallets. We’ve boiled the argument down to two proposals: that plastic is greener than wood, and that plastic is healthier than wood. Let’s see how each type of pallet shapes up. Plastic Pallets Are... Read More »

Apr 17


Using Domestic Waste To Create Plastic Products

With more and more people taking an interest in environmental issues, there’s increasing demand on retailers and manufacturers to prove that the products they sell are ‘green’ and made from sustainable materials which have a low or no impact on the natural world. Knowing the provenance of the goods they buy has never been so important to consumers the world over, which is why some... Read More »

Apr 17


Plastic Pallets From Recycled Waste

Range International is a leading Australian manufacturing company that is focused on the production of sustainable plastic products as a means of tackling waste. The company has now garnered fresh interest for its creation of 'thermofusion' technology, which will provide a solution to the recycling of mixed waste plastics. Using the technology, this type of waste can be diverted away from... Read More »

Apr 17


Plastic Pallets for Shipping

One of the most common forms of industrial packaging, pallets are widely used across the globe to transport a huge range of goods. Strong, durable and reusable, pallets come in different shapes and sizes. They offer an affordable and versatile method of transporting goods from place to place, so it is no surprise that thousands of pallets are moved around the world every day. Most companies... Read More »

Apr 17


How Sports Are Using Plastic Crates

Plastic crates - they’re hygienic to use, they’re light, they’re stackable and they’re reusable. Many of them are recyclable. They are a familiar sight in warehouses and logistics companies around the world. Now, however, you can find them in a new setting - the world of sport. A New Kind of Challenge In March 2017 the University of Wisconsin hosted a new kind of sporting event... Read More »

Mar 17


Optimising Pallet Flow Performance

Some warehouses store goods that have a high turnover, so fast access is needed. Others store perishable goods that must be moved on a FIFO basis (First In, First Out) to ensure that the oldest goods go out of the warehouse first, obeying stock rotation rules. In both of these cases, the traditional warehouse configuration of pallet racks separated by aisles, with forklifts picking items, is... Read More »

Mar 17


Plastic Pallets Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2020

The global pallet market is seeing a surge in demand from end-users. Although wood will still dominate as the main material used for pallets, the plastic pallets sector is set to experience the biggest area of growth. The Importance of Pallets Pallets are used by all types of industries to transport their goods from one place to another. They keep items safe during storage and transportation,... Read More »

Mar 17


Smart Pallets Enable Track-and-Trace with the Internet of Things

For the food industry in particular, traceability of ingredients and of finished products is more important than ever. Add in environmental pressures to reduce the amount of packaging used and shipping represents some major challenges. Fortunately, the latest technologies can help, allowing goods to be shipped safely and economically and to be tracked along the way. Pallets and... Read More »

Mar 17


Wrapping Machine Cocoons Palletised Loads in Plastic

A wrapping machine is being patented which wraps palletised loads in plastic pallet wrap to boost stability and allow for long-term storage outdoors. The TAB Wrapper Tornado Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine cocoons products straight on to pallets rather than wrapping product-to-product, as in the case of standard stretch wrapping machines and shrink wrappers. The machine aims to boost shipping... Read More »

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