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Oct 18


Keeping Your Plastic Pallets Safe In Hot Weather

Plastic pallets are becoming the dominant pallet to use in shipping due to the sustainability and durability of the pallet when comparing with its wooden alternative. However the plastic pallet can be affected by different climates, specifically hotter climates. There are actions you should be taking for keeping your plastic pallets safe in hot weather, here they are: Why Plastic Pallets Can... Read More »

Oct 18


How To Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency

If you improve your warehouse efficiency you are able to improve the overall running of the warehouse. Those who are constructing a new warehouse facility have the advantage that they can incorporate key features into the building design. Whereas a withstanding warehouse needs to envision how they can improve what they already have in place. There are many ways you can improve your warehouse... Read More »

Oct 18


Choosing The Right Plastic Pallet For Your Needs

It can be difficult when choosing the right plastic pallet for your business needs and we have outlined 7 factors to consider when making your decision. 1. Pallet Weight Capacity Each pallet has its own individual maximum weight capacity and it is important to find out the weight of your load before choosing which pallet you will go for. A static load is the maximum that a pallet can... Read More »

Oct 18


6 Reasons To Make The Change To Plastic Pallets

Wooden pallets are still widely used, despite the search for lower costs and higher sustainability, people are still reluctant to make the transition to plastic pallets. We have come up with six reasons we feel will convince your business to make the change to plastic pallets. 1. Ease of Transportation Plastic pallets are more lightweight than wooden pallets, making them more manageable for... Read More »

Sep 18


Why Our Supply Chains Rely Heavily On Plastic Pallets

With the focus so much on plastic recycling, it is sometimes difficult to remember that there are plenty of times when plastic is necessary and valuable to businesses, industry and the economy as a whole. One example is the supply and logistics industries. Let's look at how plastic pallets offer a better solution for supply chains than wooden alternatives. Industries that are involved in... Read More »

Sep 18


What Would Happen If Pallets Became Extinct

A pallet is a flat structure which assists with the transportation of heavy goods in a stable way. Pallets are moved by forklifts or even cranes. Essentially, they make up the structural foundation of a load, and they enable easy handling and efficient storage. If pallets became extinct, this would have a knock-on effect on industry, transportation and even the world economy. Goods are placed... Read More »

Sep 18


How To Properly Measure Your Pallet Rack

Used throughout a whole host of different industries, pallet racking is one of the most efficient ways a business can maximise its storage space. There are a huge number of different weight capacities and sizes that fit a range of applications. But when you want to add to an existing pallet rack, it is essential that you know exactly what the measurements are. This way you'll be ensuring that the... Read More »

Sep 18


How Plastic Pallets Contribute To A Greener Supply Chain

Today in the UK, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of the products they use on the environment. This, in turn, is pushing manufacturers to take a long hard look at their processes and ask themselves if they can be made any less harmful to the environment. If they can create a greener supply chain, these companies are finding they are being rewarded in customer loyalty or by... Read More »

Aug 18


Using Plastic Pallets To Minimise Food Waste

Every year, it's estimated that the EU wastes 89m tonnes of food, with the UK being the worst offender and our supermarkets accounting for 200,000 tonnes of waste alone. As a result, there is increasing public awareness of the food we waste and increasing consumer demand that companies do more to minimise food going into landfill. So if you're a company that transports or stores food, now... Read More »

Aug 18


Future Growth of the Plastic Pallet Industry

Compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets have several advantages - ones which far outweigh their initial higher price. The first is their durability: plastic pallets don't splinter or break apart as easily as their wooden counterparts and aren't as susceptible to damage from extreme temperature changes, water or chemical spills. They are also less likely to cause damage to your goods... Read More »

Aug 18


Choosing Between Stackable and Rackable Pallets

There is definitely now a clear preference for plastic pallets over wooden pallets in the shipping industry and for lots of reasons. Plastic is more durable and sustainable, and they are also easier to clean and sanitise and are obviously more weather-resistant than their wooden counterparts. Plastic pallets are also more versatile, as they can be used in a wider range of environments and... Read More »

Aug 18


Advantages of Plastic Pallet Boxes

06There has been a significant increase in the popularity of plastic pallets over the last few years. Customers are trying them out and liking what they find. Not only are they durable and able to stand the rigours of the supply chain, they also save on space. There are many further advantages of plastic pallet boxes that are making them an attractive alternative to wooden pallets for many... Read More »

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