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Feb 19


Could adhesives support with plastic pallet stabilisation?

There is a new type of adhesive that has been credited with having the potential to reduce pallet accidents in the workplace. It will work by allowing pallets to remain unitised, even after the pallet wrap or shrink wrap has been removed. With the pallet in place, there is a significant reduction in the risk of products falling from high rack storage. How will it work? This technology is... Read More »

Jan 19


Pallet Slip Sheets Market to Boom in 2027

Plastic pallet slip sheets are an alternative packaging solution that are currently increasing in popularity in the pallets industry. They are being praised for their interesting benefits around space saving which can be an issue for all aspects of the supply chain. However, many are also praising their environmental benefits, with plastic slip sheets currently being made from plastics or... Read More »

Jan 19


Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain

We are now living in a world where customers are becoming more and more impatient to receive deliveries. Everyone wants everything now. With the likes of Amazon prime and countless Next Day Delivery schemes - pressure is mounting on those involved in the supply chain or fleet management. They must strive to achieve faster turnaround times on deliveries. What’s the Solution? These growing... Read More »

Jan 19


Could Better Pallet Processes Reduce Damage and Theft in the Supply Chain?

It has been reported that there is mounting pressure on professionals in the logistics industry to explore new ways of working. This is in line with the quantity of goods that are reported to be lost, stolen and damaged. These figures have grown over time, and now action needs to be taken to see this percentage reduced. Many organisations have identified that these very issues are causing... Read More »

Dec 18


Plastic Pallet Manufacturing Process

The plastic pallet manufacturing process has changed overtime with every company striving to incorporate the best technology. The following processes are the most common manufacturing processes in plastic molding industry: Injection molding plastic pallets Thermoforming plastic pallets Blow molding plastic pallets Compression molding plastic pallets Rotational molding plastic... Read More »

Dec 18


Durability of Blow Molded Plastic Pallets Explained

Blow molding and injection molding are processes you can use to manufacture plastic pallets. In certain industrial applications such as cold temperatures, blow molded plastic pallets have proven to be both durable and reliable. Unique Manufacturing Process of Blow Molding Plastic Pallets Blow molded plastic pallets contain a unique manufacturing process, using air pressure to inflate the... Read More »

Dec 18


Checking The Quality Of Your Injection Molded Pallets

Quality inspection and assurance are an important aspect of any plastic pallet injection molding process. Checking the quality of your injection molded pallets involves aiming to identify the possible defects during the molding process as opposed to when it’s too late. Here is how we suggest you check the quality of your injection molded pallets: Checking the Quality of your Injection... Read More »

Dec 18


11 Advantages of Plastic Pallets To Help Your Supply Chain

If you operate a business, one of the hardest challenges is optimising efficiency in the supply chain freight. We have outlined 11 advantages of plastic pallets to help your supply chain but reducing costs: Plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 regulations The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures number 15 is a regulation that requires all wooden pallets to be heat treated... Read More »

Nov 18


6 Reasons To Use Plastic Pallets For Export-Import Shipping

Using plastic pallets for export-import shipping plays an important role in your import and export business. 6 Reasons to Use Plastic Pallets for Export-Import Shipping: Logistics, Delays and Procedures of ISPM 15 Regulations With the use of plastic pallets, there is no need to comply with ISPM 15 regulations. Once pallets are molded to their shape, there is no further treatment or... Read More »

Nov 18


7 Considerations To Make Before Purchasing Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

If you handle heavy duty loads, use high rack warehouses or automated product handling then we have collated some considerations to make before purchasing heavy duty plastic pallets. 7 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets: Insist on Buying Heavy Duty Pallets Made From 100% Virgin HDPE Material Unless you require an extremely tough pallet, the high density... Read More »

Nov 18


7 Applications of Plastic Pallets in Supply Chain Management

Whether you are custom building your plastic pallets or choosing from the many standard sizes available, it is important to know their intended purpose within the supply chain. We have outlined 11 applications of plastic pallets in supply chain management to help you get the most out of our plastic pallets: Exporting Products Plastic pallets are extensively used for exporting and important... Read More »

Nov 18


6 Ways To Increase Supply Chain Efficiency With Plastic Pallets

Adopting an efficient supply chain system is the desire of every business owner. Having the capacity to store, ship and deliver products as scheduled within the limited resources available. We have collated 6 ways to increase supply chain efficiency with plastic pallets: 6 Ways to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency with Plastic Pallets: Focus on Long-Term Cost Saving Choosing... Read More »

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