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May 18


Frequently Asked Questions About Used Plastic Pallets

Many of our new customers hold some very common misconceptions about used plastic pallets. The biggest one is that used pallets are not suitable for reuse. This assumption is so far from the truth that we decided it's time to explain a little more about plastic pallets and their uses and benefits. Why Should I Choose a Used Plastic Pallet? The main advantages of used plastic over used... Read More »

May 18


Types of Plastic Pallet Boxes

A versatile alternative to traditional containers, plastic pallet boxes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their durable nature and ability to offer maximum protection. They keep moisture out and are resistant to all forms of weather, meaning that they make a great choice if you're transporting delicate things such as food, liquids or pharmaceuticals. Unlike wooden pallets or... Read More »

May 18


Importance of Cleaning Plastic Pallets

Many businesses choose to use plastic pallets over other kinds, such as metal and wood, for a number of reasons. They are lightweight and durable and resistant to a range of weather conditions. However, one of their biggest benefits is that they are so easy to clean, and in industries such as food production, where cleanliness is of paramount importance, they become a necessity. Cleaning plastic... Read More »

May 18


8 Uses For Plastic Pallets

When it comes to versatility, plastic pallets uses are amazingly diverse. Let's take a look at the range of applications they can be found in at every point in the supply chain. 1. Display Pallets are increasingly being used to display food because transferring the plastic pallet straight to the supermarket floor reduces the amount of manual handling of the food products. This cuts the... Read More »

Apr 18


How To Keep Your Old Plastic Pallets From Entering Landfills

Plastic waste has become a priority concern in recent times, with the effects of plastic pollution causing catastrophic consequences to the environment and marine life. With this in mind, more of us are urged to reduce plastic consumption or reuse as much plastic as possible. Recycling plastic pallets is one way to help keep plastic out of landfill sites. Reliance on Plastic Plastic is a... Read More »

Apr 18


Choosing The Right Euro Plastic Pallet

The Euro pallet is the standard-sized pallet used for the safe and efficient transportation of goods across Europe. There is also demand for Euro pallets from businesses around the world that import goods into Europe, as choosing Euro plastic pallets makes it considerably easier and quicker for the importing company, since goods do not have to be repacked when they arrive. They are easy to... Read More »

Apr 18


Benefits Of Using Euro Plastic Pallets

Standardisation of commonly used items offers a number of significant advantages, not the least being cost savings throughout the supply chain and the reduction in used and obsolete parts as designs change, sometimes for unnecessary reasons. The Euro pallet is one of just six types of pallets in the world recognised by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). While pallet... Read More »

Apr 18


3 Ways That Plastic Pallets Help Improve Supply Chain Management

Plastic pallets have been growing in popularity in recent years. This is especially true given the advances in technology which have seen supply chains using more automated storage applications where added precision is crucial. A study carried out by Peerless Media Group recently found that while 90% of the companies they surveyed in the USA still used wood pallets, 37% of them were also using... Read More »

Mar 18


Shipping Plastic Pallets

It's becoming more and more accepted that plastic shipping pallets have the edge on wooden pallets, but for those who haven't yet made the move to plastic, you may be wondering why. Read on as we take a look at the benefits of shipping plastic pallets over shipping wooden pallets. From timber regulations to durability, plastic certainly has its charm when it comes to choosing a pallet for... Read More »

Mar 18


6 Types of Industrial Plastic Pallets for Supply Chain Management

A wide range of industrial plastic pallets is available to suit different types of goods and supply chain management processes. If you are new to plastic pallets and supply chains, this may seem like a lot of keep track of, but plastic pallets for industrial purposes are classified in a logical way according to their design, materials and specific attributes, and this means that there is a pallet... Read More »

Mar 18


Choosing the Right Plastic Pallet

There are a few factors to bear in mind when choosing plastic pallets to make sure you have the right pallets to do the job. However, just making the choice to use pallets made of plastic is a step in the right direction, as they are so versatile, being durable, light, easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Each type of pallet can bear different loads and will have different safety ratings... Read More »

Mar 18


4 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Plastic Pallet

Choosing pallets is not as straightforward as some companies first assume. There are many plastic pallet buying factors when you’re using high racking or automated product handling equipment or if they will be carrying heavy loads. First, the pallet system must be appropriate for your storage needs, your facility, your plant’s handling machinery and the vehicles that will transport... Read More »

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