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Feb 18


Custom Built Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have lots of advantages, including durability, ease of cleaning and being impervious to moisture and weather. Custom built plastic pallets can offer even more flexible benefits when they are designed and constructed with certain factors in mind. Tools for the Job Custom plastic pallets can play an important role in branding and marketing, as they can go straight from... Read More »

Feb 18


Uses of Plastic Pallet Boxes

Transporting liquids can be an exacting process that comes with a lot of solutions and choices for appropriate containers. If you are not familiar with plastic pallet boxes, now is the time to explore this flexible and efficient storage option that is becoming more popular across the world, especially for the transport of heavy items. Hauliers’ Choice here are nearly as many uses for... Read More »

Feb 18


Global Outlook of the Plastic Pallet Market

Plastic pallets are continuing to grow in popularity as research suggests that the plastic pallet growth trend will continue positively to 2020. The benefits of plastic pallets far outweigh those of wood, and the ability to embed new technologies helps even more. Read on as we look at the plastic pallet market growth predictions and the possible reasons why. The Global Outlook for the... Read More »

Feb 18


Benefits of Purchasing Plastic Pallets

Traditionally pallets were always constructed with wood, but in today's world they can be made from plastic or metal too. Whilst each type of material has its benefits, plastic is often the clear winner. Read on as we explore the 12 benefits of plastic pallets. 12 Reasons to Go Plastic 1. Pallets made from plastic are extremely durable, outliving wooden pallets by a considerable amount of... Read More »

Jan 18


Understanding Plastic Pallet Weight Capacity

It’s essential for businesses that use plastic pallets to comply with the weight limits stated on the pallet. The pallet has been tested and certified to operate safely at that weight or less. If you decide to ignore this advice, and there is later an accident, you may find yourself facing legal action from an injured employee or another party in the supply chain. In addition, pallets that... Read More »

Jan 18


Eco-friendly Supermarket Uses Plastic Pallets For Food Waste

There is no doubt that food waste cannot be entirely avoided. However, the current issues with food waste - at a distribution and retail and household level - are truly shocking, with seven million tonnes of being thrown away every year. The manufacturing and retail distribution chain also throws away a further 1.9 million tonnes of food waste, much of which is unavoidable, and the food... Read More »

Jan 18


Applications of Plastic Pallets in Supply Chain Management

Plastic pallets are in use at every point of the supply chain - so here’s a list of nearly a dozen business applications where they’re vital to supply chain management operations. Key Uses in the Retail Sector Pallets designed as display stands can be used for instant merchandising in store. These are often colourful and eye-catching designs, and the fact that the goods haven’t been... Read More »

Jan 18


Advantages of UK Pallet Delivery for Businesses

UK businesses looking for effective shipping solutions will find plastic pallet delivery a really worthwhile option to consider. Using pallets to transport your goods from A to B offers a whole host of benefits, and here are just some of them. Environmentally Friendly In this day and age, being environmentally aware is essential for businesses, and finding ways to reduce their carbon... Read More »

Dec 17


Why your company needs plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are an innovation that has brought many benefits to the process of shipping goods safely and effectively. The most common shipping pallet was once made of wood, and it was a standard unit of packaging that took up a certain amount of space and could be used for calculating the amount of space needed for storage. However, the plastic pallet industry has boomed as the many... Read More »

Dec 17


Ways to reuse or recycle plastic pallets

With a growing awareness of our need to recycle or reuse many everyday items to reduce the burden on landfill sites, reusing plastic, in particular, is fast becoming a major priority. If you reuse plastic pallets, there are lots of options to repurpose these into new items. Functions of the Plastic Pallet Primarily, the plastic pallet is used for shipping products from one place to another.... Read More »

Dec 17


The Pallet Report

Wooden and plastic pallets are an essential element in the warehouse and logistics environment. From storage to deliveries, pallets ensure stock stays safe. But while logistics technology and the products in the supply flow have changed dramatically over the year, the pallets used have not. The design and materials used as well as the appearance of the humble pallet are much the same as they were... Read More »

Dec 17


Increasing Demand for Pallets

Pallets are incredibly useful for the storage and efficient transport of goods, providing stability, support and protection for all kinds of items while they are in transit. Plastic pallets can be even more useful, as they are extremely hard-wearing, easy to clean, have lots of potential for recycling and are impervious to moisture. As shipping activity continues to increase globally, plastic... Read More »

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