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Jul 19


Plastic Pallets: The Challenges Of Becoming More Sustainable

Corporate responsibility and sustainability have been hitting the news lately and rightly so. It’s hard to emphasise the importance of everyone, from individuals, small and medium sized businesses to large multinational corporations doing their bit to reduce the effects of climate change. Every day millions of companies and individuals send and receive goods. Goods which are usually... Read More »

Jun 19


A Guide To Nestable Pallets

When most people think of pallets, it tends to be wooden ones that first spring to mind. With well over 90 percent of the pallet market still dominated by wood it is easy for many to not even consider plastic pallets as a viable alternative. However, over the last decade, plastic pallets have been further developed to offer consumers increased value, higher performance and greater... Read More »

Apr 19


Why Should Your Business Consider Using Used Plastic Pallets?

More recently, plastic pallets have become a growing alternative to wood. Changes in consumer behaviour and increasing demand for recyclable, eco-friendly products have caused a huge shift in demand within the transit sector. Recent reports have identified plastic as the fastest growing transit material for the future. But why should your business consider switching to plastic, or more... Read More »

Apr 19


Plastic Pallets: The Difference Between Stackable and Rackable Pallets

Whilst wooden pallets still make up the vast majority of pallets used throughout the world today, plastic pallets have experienced a huge amount of growth in recent years. Considered the best alternative to wood, plastic is fast becoming modern day shippers preferred choice of pallet due to its durability, bug-free design, and simple and easy cleaning process, weather resistance and much... Read More »

Apr 19


Five Benefits Of Using Coloured Pallets

Unlike wooden pallets, which are one colour, plastic pallets come in a variety of colours, allowing a company to incorporate them within their business so as to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their processes. So, do plastic pallets made in different colours really have an impact on a business? In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of buying different coloured plastic... Read More »

Apr 19


What Industries Are Best Suited To Plastic Pallets?

The global pallet market is seeing a surge in demand from end-users across the globe. Whilst wood still dominates as the main material used for pallets, recent reports have identified plastic pallets as the fastest and biggest area of growth. Whatever the industry, there is a plastic pallet designed for it. Coming in a range of sizes, colours, strength and designs, these types of pallets... Read More »

Mar 19


Global Pallet Market to be Worth US$ 73.94 Billion by 2025

According to recent report, published by Pallet Market, the global pallet market is set to increase in value to $73.94 billion by 2025. Demand growth will primarily spurred by a pickup in manufacturing and retail - especially in larger, more developed markets - as well as a shift towards higher-priced plastic pallets. It should come as no surprise that global growth and sales within the... Read More »

Mar 19


Plastic vs Wood: Choosing the right pallet material for your business

Pallets are not only an essential part of the modern supply chain, they quite literally help keep the world moving. Currently, two types of materials are used to make the vast majority of pallets; wood and plastic. While wooden pallets still make up a huge portion of pallet market, plastic alternatives have become more and more popular in recent years as companies shipping, often in very high... Read More »

Mar 19


How To Properly and Safely Sanitise Plastic Pallets

Ensuring pallets are cleaned properly can be a fairly simple task. However, ensuring your pallets are sanitised properly can be much trickier. Pallets now come in a variety of shapes and sizes that have many corners and seams that make them very difficult to clean. One of the main advantages of using pallets is how robust they are. This allows for a more robust cleaning process, which can... Read More »

Mar 19


Six Ways In Which Plastic Pallets Can Save Your Business Money

One of the greatest challenges of running a business is optimising efficiency and cutting costs. Understanding and finding affordable methods of transporting items can be tricky. Today, you have the ability to choose from either wooden and plastic pallets, each in a variety shapes and sizes. Whilst they both serve the same purpose, plastic has many advantages that can help business cut costs.... Read More »

Feb 19


Could adhesives support with plastic pallet stabilisation?

There is a new type of adhesive that has been credited with having the potential to reduce pallet accidents in the workplace. It will work by allowing pallets to remain unitised, even after the pallet wrap or shrink wrap has been removed. With the pallet in place, there is a significant reduction in the risk of products falling from high rack storage. How will it work? This technology is... Read More »

Jan 19


Pallet Slip Sheets Market to Boom in 2027

Plastic pallet slip sheets are an alternative packaging solution that are currently increasing in popularity in the pallets industry. They are being praised for their interesting benefits around space saving which can be an issue for all aspects of the supply chain. However, many are also praising their environmental benefits, with plastic slip sheets currently being made from plastics or... Read More »

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