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7 Applications of Plastic Pallets in Supply Chain Management

11 Nov 2018

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Whether you are custom building your plastic pallets or choosing from the many standard sizes available, it is important to know their intended purpose within the supply chain. We have outlined 11 applications of plastic pallets in supply chain management to help you get the most out of our plastic pallets:

Exporting Products

Plastic pallets are extensively used for exporting and important products into the country. They are easy to load and offload, making them the simpler choice of pallet.

Displaying Products in Shops

Plastic pallets are a hygienic way to display merchandising in shops due to them reducing damage to the products when transferring them from one part of the shop to another.

Popular Air Freight Shipping

These pallets are commonly used for air freight shipping when the weight capacity is a concern. Plastic pallets are much lighter than wooden pallets, which will reduce the overall weight of the load by a significant fraction.

Applications in Pharmaceutical Industries

Plastic pallets meet the strict requirements created by the FDA for the transporting of pharmaceutical goods. Plastic pallets are the best pallet to use in this industry because they:

Have no reactive chemicals that could cause contamination
Cannot contaminate drugs if they are left for a long period of time
Absorb shock during transport

Used in Food and Beverage Industries

Plastic pallets are easy to clean and do not hide any dirt or other contaminants such as mold.

Electronic Shipping Pallets

Electronic products such as a TV or computer are delicate products and require very safe handling. Plastic pallets are durable enough and stable enough to sufficiently carry these types of loads with minimal risks of damage. Plastic pallets do not have any nails or screws and are not liable to chip.

Heavy Duty Industrial Product Distribution Applications

Plastic pallets are strong and more rigid, making them the perfect pallet for heavy duty industrial use.

Plastic pallets play a huge role in the supply chain and are becoming more commonly used for a number of reasons. For more information on the plastic pallets we supply, get in contact with us.

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