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Five Benefits Of Using Coloured Pallets

11 Apr 2019

Unlike wooden pallets, which are one colour, plastic pallets come in a variety of colours, allowing a company to incorporate them within their business so as to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their processes.

So, do plastic pallets made in different colours really have an impact on a business? In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of buying different coloured plastic pallets and why, sometimes, it is worth spending a little more.

coloured plastic pallets

1. Smoother Shipments

As they’re colour-coded, the pallets can be easily distributed and organised ready for shipping. Workers will understand which colour pallet needs to be used for each delivery, and they will be able to easily coordinate these shipments.

2. Easily Separated

With the use of different coloured pallets, all of the materials a business uses can be separated quickly and easily. When certain processes or materials are associated with a certain colour, this allows staff to go straight to the pallet colour they need in order to complete the job. Again, this reduces the time taken to read individual labels or to scan barcodes.

3. Reduces the Risk

Because the contents of the pallets can be easily identified, it can also help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination within warehouses that are dealing with food, chemicals and so on. They are easily identified, so staff know which area the pallets need taking to, and they won’t be left in areas that could pose a risk to the safety of the products within them.

4. Visability

If you give certain pallets a colour, managers, administration staff and warehouse workers will be able to see exactly which pallets have been distributed in the warehouse and where they are. Instead of having to individually scan barcodes to find out the contents, staff will know exactly which department the plastic pallets need to go to. This is also a huge benefit when it comes to doing internal audits or stock checks, as it’s much clearer what stock is in the warehouse, even when the pallets are located high up on the shelves.

5. Ideally suited for Retailers

Where you have a large department store that has various items, such as home ranges and clothing lines, having everything delivered in specific pallet colours will enable you to distribute this to the relevant department in the store. Furthermore, if you have different stores located in different areas, each store can have a different-coloured pallet so staff know exactly where that particular pallet needs delivering without having to look into it on the system.

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