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Why Should Your Business Consider Using Used Plastic Pallets?

11 Apr 2019

More recently, plastic pallets have become a growing alternative to wood. Changes in consumer behaviour and increasing demand for recyclable, eco-friendly products have caused a huge shift in demand within the transit sector. Recent reports have identified plastic as the fastest growing transit material for the future. But why should your business consider switching to plastic, or more specifically, used plastic pallets?

When buying pallets, it is important to consider what your business will be using them for. For instance what is the average load weight, how is the transport arranged and will you be using the pallets for storage? Once you have identified the correct style of pallet, more questions can arise – new or used? To help, we shared our top reasons why your business should consider using these environmentally friendly alternative.


Cost Effective

Used plastic pallet boxes come to the market in a number of ways. Often when a business is closing down they will sell off their existing pallet stock, or pallet pooling companies will replace their pallet fleet and then sell off their older pallet stock.

Whether you’re a large company or just starting out on a new business venture, finding ways to make savings can be very tricky. You may also want to be investing more money in other parts of your business, particularly if you have just started out.

Choosing used plastic pallets can offer a whole host of financial benefits for your business. Apart from being much cheaper than the new alternatives, they also offer a much longer shelf life than other materials, which in the long-run can help cut costs. Additionally, used plastic pallets also meet the highest standards, ideal if your business transports food or medicine etc.

Sustainable For All Businesses

As previously mentioned, consumer and business trends are changing quite rapidly. There is currently a huge shift to more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Whilst single use plastics have been found to cause huge damage to the environment, reusing plastic pallets can actually be hugely beneficial to not only businesses but also to the environment.
With this in mind, you may also choose used pallets because you value and prioritise sustainability within your business. By using these pallets you can help reduce waste whilst cutting costs. What’s not to love?

Flexible To Support Your Business Requirements

Used pallets come from many different sources in a variety of models and versions. This variety in styles can be great for businesses who are transporting a variety or materials or who’s demand changes frequently. As always, members of our team are always on hand to help you select the correct pallet for your business needs, new or used.

Would you like to know more about used plastic pallets? Or do you have any other questions about other styles across our range? Then please feel free to contact a member of our team for more information or check out similar articles on our blog, here.

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