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Choosing The Right Plastic Pallet For Your Needs

15 Oct 2018

It can be difficult when choosing the right plastic pallet for your business needs and we have outlined 7 factors to consider when making your decision.

choosing the right plastic pallet

1. Pallet Weight Capacity

Each pallet has its own individual maximum weight capacity and it is important to find out the weight of your load before choosing which pallet you will go for.

A static load is the maximum that a pallet can hold when its placed on solid ground.

A dynamic load is the maximum a pallet is able to hold when its being moved on a forklift.

A racking load is the maximum a pallet can hold when carrying all together placed in pallet racking.

2. Open or Closed Top Deck

There are minor differences between open and closed top decks which could affect your type of shipment. While open top decks are easily manageable and drain well when wet. Closed top decks are required for a hygienic load being transported and have a smoother surface consistency and are easier to clean and dry than an open top deck. So if you are transporting hygienic goods, then the closed top deck option is required.

3. Pallet Style

There are many different styles and variations of pallets so sometimes it can be daunting choosing the best pallet style to suit your needs. The decision to choose between a lightweight or heavy load capacity pallet, to a hygiene friendly pallet can affect your choice of pallet.

4. Anti-Slip Surfaces

Anti-slip surfaces can help to prevent your shipment from shifting on the pallet, this is especially important if carrying a fragile load.

5. Temperature of Pallet Location

Choosing the right pallet for your needs can be highly determined based on the temperatures that your pallet will have to deal with. Different pallets have different materials which make them more suitable for the colder or warmer climates. The temperature of the location where the pallet is an important part of the decision process for choosing the right pallet for your needs as this can affect the performance of the transportation process if the racking performance is affected.

6. Lips

The addition of lips to a pallet are the part of a pallet that is molded onto the top deck of the pallet to provide stability to the pallet.

7. Materials Used

A wide range of pallets are made with polypropylene or polyethylene which each provide advantages to creating a successful plastic pallet. Polypropylene is a material that helps a plastic pallet in hotter climates and provides solutions for better racking abilities. Polyethylene is a material with good shock absorbing properties and allows the pallet to function better in cold climates.

If you are unsure on the type of pallet you require for your load, then we have the tools and the knowledge to help you choose the right wooden pallet for your specific needs. So get in touch with us today or view our ultimate guide for choosing the right plastic pallet for your needs.

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