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Durability of Blow Molded Plastic Pallets Explained

14 Dec 2018

Blow molding and injection molding are processes you can use to manufacture plastic pallets. In certain industrial applications such as cold temperatures, blow molded plastic pallets have proven to be both durable and reliable.

blow molded plastic pallet

Unique Manufacturing Process of Blow Molding Plastic Pallets

Blow molded plastic pallets contain a unique manufacturing process, using air pressure to inflate the plastic into its mold cavity.

High Load Capacity

Blow molded plastic pallets are designed for larger volumes of pallets, with a static load carrying between 4 to 5 metric tons.

Resistance to Impact

Blow molded plastic pallets are able to maintain their structure due to the integrity and strength of their structure. These pallets are able to withstand rough randling, rolling or throwing, due to their impact strength being almost twice as strong as injection molded pallets.

Extremely Resistant to Low Temperature

Blow molded plastic pallets are able to withstand extremely low temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Do Not Damage Easily

These types of pallets show very little damage when being hit by a forklift at the wrong angle during loading and off loading. As well as this, blow molded plastic pallets also show very little wear and tear after long durations of use.

Adaptable to any Environment

The great thing about a blow molded plastic pallet is that they are able to be used in very cold or fairly warm weather conditions. These pallets are not subject to aging, corrosion, moisture or oil.

Longer Service Life

These pallets are able to be used for more than 5 years longer than the average plastic pallet.

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