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How To Recycle Plastic Pallets

16 Feb 2023

Recycling plastic pallets

It has never been more important to recycle plastic pallets. We put the environment are the forefront of everything we do and that includes the plastic pallets we do. We understand the grave concern about the use of plastics and the negative impact they have on our ecosystem.

Plastic pallets need to be recycled through proper channels at a dedicated plastic pallet recycling facility. However, pallets made from plastic have a much longer life and, when recycled properly, are 100% reusable. This is because existing plastic pellets can be melted down and transformed into anything plastic.


We Are Committed To The Planet

We do all we can to cause as minimal damage to the environment as possible. We are committed, as a business, to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. One of our goals is to minimise the impact plastic pallets have on the planet.

We comply with all standards and regulations and have pledged to protect the environment as well as top pollution. We put systems in place to measure the quality and progress of our environmental practices.

We are proud to announce that last year we recycled over 35 tons of recycled plastic in the last year. Unlike wooden pallets which have a lower lifespan, plastic pallets can be used for up to 10 years. No only can you recycle plastic pallets, but they have a much longer lifespan.



Plastic Recycling Service

We make recycling pallets an easy practice. We will collect and retrieve your plastic pallets and crates. Our goal is to reduce the number of plastic pallets that are discarded incorrectly and minimise the amount that ends up in landfill.

We make sure that an old and discarded plastic pallets are recycled responsibly, helping them to live a new long life in another role. Clean the stock room out of old plastic pallets could give you more space, tidy up your business and benefit the environment.

Plastic pallets are useful for shipping and storage because they make anything a standard size and much easier to stack. However, eventually their long lives will come to an end and they will need to be disposed of in a eco friendly and effective way.

Call us on 02380 667 999 to find out more, or email us at with your requirements.

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Why is Plastic So Bad?

Plastic is very durable and does not biodegrade. This makes it a robust and long lasting material for transporting and storing products. It does mean that it will last forever and will not decompose when discarded.

Every year, up to 12.8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose and even after that it will still be present in our environment in the form of microplastics. This is a huge problem because microplastics are so small they are hard to clear up and can easily be eaten by wildlife.

When you stop using your plastic pallets, they won’t rot or degrade like timber alternatives. On a positive note, you can leave plastic pallets outside and it will not be affected when exposed to adverse weather conditions. This makes plastic fabricated pallets the ideal solution for any business with limited internal storage space.


Invest In Sustainable Plastic Pallets

To limit the impact our plastic pallets have on the environment over 80% of the range we sell are manufactured from reclaimed plastic material.

Our plastic pallets start their life as recycled waste which has been ground down into granules of plastic. Once plastic pallets come to the end of their functional life and can’t be used as shipping and storage, we can retrieve these pallets.

We will recycle the plastic pallets and have them recycled so they are grounded down into granules. These small granules of recycled plastic are then injected into a heated mould. The mould, with some pressure, creates a pallet.

Despite being crafted using recyclable materials, these plastic pallets are incredibly strong and robust. They can handle all your storage and transport needs whilst also being sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Plastic Pallets For Sale Prices

We offer a range of plastic pallets in a range of dimensions and styles. We also offer a leading plastic recycling service, helping you give a new life to your old and inefficient plastic pallets.

If you are interested in our plastic pallets, use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your requirements. If you want to know more about our products, prices and services, call us on 02380 667 999 to find out more, or email us at with your requirements. We will be happy to help you recycle your plastic pallets.

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