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New Plastic Pallets Birmingham

04 Jul 2022

How To Choose The Right Plastic Pallet For Your Business

We provide new plastic pallets to clients in Birmingham and across the UK. This kind of pallet is a strong packing option that works well for many applications. Customers in Birmingham can take advantage of a simple option for storing and moving products into and out of the city. The pallets have been specifically manufactured to be fit for global transportation. This means you won’t have to stress about transporting your goods locally or worldwide. Additionally, the new plastic pallets are fantastic for storage.  

New plastic pallets are becoming more and more common in the transportation industry as an alternative to wooden pallets. As the new plastic pallets have extraordinarily high demand, we are delighted to ensure that you are provided with a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your pallet requirements. If you can’t find the specific size you are after, please contact us today and detail the dimensions. We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. 

As a container, new plastic pallets provide unmatched durability. They are created to guard against structural damage while being transported. They won’t be affected by environmental factors that can harm low-quality pallets. New plastic pallets are the perfect choice for individuals looking for something to carry high loads in Birmingham without the risk of damage.

Our new line of plastic pallets comes in a range of sizes and shapes. Including standard, non-standard and Euro. We promise that you will discover a pallet that is ideal for your requirements. For customers purchasing in quantity, we can even create new plastic pallets from scratch if you can’t locate the one you’re searching for.


We are always looking for ways to improve the environment. Plastic waste is a major concern, in addition to climate change, which is still a problem today. Our goal is to address the current plastic crisis by operating a sustainable company that aims to prevent plastic pallets from entering landfills and harming the environment, especially in Birmingham. At Plastic Pallets, we adhere to all rules and regulations, including the strict requirements of the ISO. This helps to ensure that the environment can be protected and pollution in Birmingham can be decreased thanks to our efforts.

Pallets made of plastic last a very long time. Unlike wooden pallets, new plastic pallets can last for up to 10 years! This implies that you won’t need to replace them for at least ten years. They can be recycled into another plastic pallet when they finally reach the end of their useful life. Once they have served their purpose, we can collect the plastic pallets and boxes from the companies. As a result, less plastic will wind up in landfills and companies in Birmingham won’t mistakenly throw plastic pallets out.

New Plastic Pallets Birmingham

What are the benefits of New Plastic Pallets?

Modern plastic pallets may support the most heavy-duty weights. Since the strength is uniform across the whole pallet, they can support the equally distributed weight. The new plastic pallets we sell are among the best in the business and are made to excellent quality for unmatched strength and durability.

Safe Operation

New plastic pallets aren’t prone to splitting, unlike some wooden pallets. This is due to the structure, which ensures that there are no screws or nails that might potentially hurt the user. The high-quality plastic prevents damaged parts and will function at a high level throughout time.

Easily Maintained

The new plastic pallets won’t need much of your attention to maintain them in excellent functioning order. Plastic is a material that is exceedingly simple to wipe down and clean. Even with a little cleaning, they will provide you with a lengthy shelf-life. Since the new plastic pallets we provide are damp, mould, water, and insect resistant, this is only seldom necessary.


Compared to wooden pallets, new plastic pallets can ensure that the storage and transit method is more sanitary. Because they are professionally built with a resistant covering, there are no difficulties with mould or dust contamination while they are in use. This prevents moisture, acids, and alkalis from congregating, which might result in serious problems.

New Plastic Pallet Prices in Birmingham

Invest in our innovative new plastic pallets for your Birmingham company. You can choose from a variety of sizes in our inventory. The purchase procedure is simple, fast, and safe. Put the new plastic pallets of your choice into the cart and make a secure payment at the checkout. Select the best delivery option that works for you, there’s even an option for same-day delivery! 

Get a price today using our online pricing tool. It will provide you with a free and accurate quote. Contact us if you would like more information about our specific costs or if you are interested in making a large purchase. Enter your information, your requirements, and the new plastic pallets you need in our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you prefer, you can contact us using our freephone number at 03301 757 766, and we can discuss your alternatives. Since we are aware that every client has a unique budget, we collaborate closely with you to choose the best option. We look forward to hearing from you.


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