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Pallet Slip Sheets Market to Boom in 2027

31 Jan 2019

Plastic Boxes

Plastic pallet slip sheets are an alternative packaging solution that are currently increasing in popularity in the pallets industry. They are being praised for their interesting benefits around space saving which can be an issue for all aspects of the supply chain. However, many are also praising their environmental benefits, with plastic slip sheets currently being made from plastics or corrugated materials – primarily recycled plastics polyethylene materials.

There is no doubt that traditional wooden and plastic pallet pallets are still the most dominant choice across the industry globally. However, those looking ahead to the future believe that plastic pallet slip sheets could increase in usage by as much as a CAGR value of 7%-8% between now and 2027. It is anticipated that their primary usage will be in handling and transporting products around factories and warehouses.

Key Benefits of Plastic Pallet Slip Sheets

Industry professionals have found that, in busy warehouses and factories, using pallets for everything can occupy quite a lot of space in the facility. It is thought that the key benefit of pallet slip sheets is how much space they may be able to save.

Secondly, there are some noteworthy positives in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Plastic pallet slip sheets are moisture resistant and are also able to repel insects and rodents. This helps facilities to maintain proper hygiene levels for the products they are storing and handling.

Finally, and perhaps the most important in this present day, is the financial impact. Although new on the market, it is believed that pallet slip sheets could come in at around 90% less than the cost of a wooden pallet. Further to this, improvements to efficiency and productivity could also represent additional savings. For example, pallet slip sheets could potentially reduce loading and unloading time by up to 60% and are also twenty times lighter than a traditional pallet.

What’s Next?

As it stands, pallet slip sheets are still very much being explored by manufacturing companies who are investing in continuing to research and develop the product further. In addition, many are looking for areas where they can distinguish their products from other manufacturers.

What’s more, pallet slip sheets currently could also require organisations to arrange separate push pull forklift arrangements for the transportation and handling. This is unlikely to go down well with logistics companies who will not be looking to arrange additional investment of resources for the implementation of this new packaging source.

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