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Plastic Pallet Boxes Bournemouth

16 Nov 2021

plastic pallets bournemouth

Plastic pallet boxes are becoming more and more popular for Bournemouth customers. They are durable and long lasting, ideal for both transport and storage jobs. They also make an attractive alternative to wooden pallets that have been tested to handle even the most adverse Dorset weather conditions.


New and Used Options

We offer both new and used plastic pallet boxes. Made using scratch-resistant plastic, these pallet boxes come in ranges from rigid and solid to perforated and collapsible. Styles we offer include IBC boxes, closed boxes, closed boxes with collapsible sides, ventilated collapsible boxes, collapsible boxes with flaps. Used plastic pallet boxes offer improved levels of durability. Ideal for transporting goods, they come in rigid and folding styles.

Plastic pallet boxes are regularly used as Bournemouth storage and shipping solutions. They can be moved, stacked and stored with ease. They will also make your customers satisfied, as they will receive their goods in perfect condition, unaffected by even the wettest weather conditions. With the rise of e-commerce, our plastic pallet boxes are an ideal delivery options that are both reliable and cost-effective, plus they do not leave behind an excessive carbon footprint.


Safeguarding the Environment

We know how important saving our planet and caring for our environment is. Our plastic pallet boxes and sturdy, which means they can be used time and time again. They are made to minimise waste as you will use them multiple times and in lots of different ways. When they do come to the end of their long life, they are 100% recyclable.


Ease of Transport

Another of the main benefits of plastic pallet boxes is that they are specifically designed for transporting goods. They can help prevent damage to consignments and maintain quality for longer. They were well designed, easy to load and will prevent injury to the user due to the fork entries.


Durability and Maintenance-Free

We know you don’t have the time and money to waste on maintaining pallet boxes. One of the main benefits of plastic is that it doesn’t break or scratch easily. It’s non-absorbent, this makes it much easier to maintain. Simply spray it with water and let it dry naturally.

The high-density polyethene used to craft these plastic pallet boxes is highly resistant to damage and adverse weather conditions, plus it doesn’t break down. This means that the pallet boxes can be used many times before replacement is required.

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Cleanliness and Hygiene

Some industries have exacting hygiene standards, and the food and pharmaceutical industries are typical examples. Plastic pallet boxes can be used for the hygienic transport of foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Another benefit of plastic pallet boxes is that they do not rust and do not attract parasites or microorganisms, which makes them a very hygienic choice. They are much less likely to contaminate the consignment than alternatives on the market.


Take Up Little Space

Space can be at a premium for Bournemouth business owners. The plastic pallet boxes we offer can be tightly stacked, which saves money and room on both transport and storage. Lower transportation costs without compromising on quality.


Safe to Use

One of the issues customers commonly have with wooden pallet boxes is that they can have nails that protrude and cause injuries. They can also cause splinters and have sharp edges which can cause cuts.

Our range of versatile plastic pallet boxes has been ergonomically designed. They are easier for Bournemouth operatives to move around and comply with manual handling guidelines. When they are being loaded or stacked, they are less likely to cause injury.

Plastic Pallet Prices Bournemouth

We supply a versatile of premium plastic pallet boxes to our Bournemouth customers. From transportation to storage, there is a broad range of uses for your products. Fill out our quoting form to get an accurate price on our plastic pallet boxes. Simply input your contact details, your desired pallet and the quantity needed, and we will get back to you with a price tailored to you.

Our efficient team are always on hand to answer any queries that you have about our plastic pallets and to offer our impartial guidance. Use our online contact form today and we will reply as soon as possible. If you have any urgent queries, please give our freephone a call. We will be happy to help you get the right plastic pallet boxes for your Bournemouth project.

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