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Plastic Pallet Manufacturing Process

24 Dec 2018

plastic pallet

The plastic pallet manufacturing process has changed overtime with every company striving to incorporate the best technology. The following processes are the most common manufacturing processes in plastic molding industry:

  1. Injection molding plastic pallets
  2. Thermoforming plastic pallets
  3. Blow molding plastic pallets
  4. Compression molding plastic pallets
  5. Rotational molding plastic pallets

Injection Molding Plastic Pallets

Injection molding is a popular process of molding a pallet into its chosen shape or size. This process is most suitable for larger manufacturing companies, as it’s a quick and fast pace process, which results in an exact plastic pallet each time.

The plastic pallet manufacturing process for injection molding is:

  1. Raw materials will be passed into the machines through a hopper
  2. Heater bands and the use of frictional force will melt the plastic
  3. Heated plastic in a liquid state will then leave the heating chamber into the shape of the pallet you require. This will then cool and turn into a solid into the mold.

Injection molding can either be done by using low pressure structural foam molding or high pressure injection molding.

Thermoforming Plastic Pallets

The process of thermoforming plastic pallets is where you need to heat the plastic to a pliable temperature. Once it has got to the right temperature, you can them form it within the mold and allow to cool.

The plastic pallet manufacturing process for thermoforming is:

  1. Heating the plastic into a plastic sheet which is the desired thickness
  2. Then form the sheet or sheets into the mold, while escaping any air between the sheet and the mold. This can be done through a vacuum suction which draws the heat directly out
  3. Then allow the plastic to cool to create the pallet shape

Blow Molding Plastic Pallets

The process of blow molding a plastic pallet is:

  1. Melt the plastic
  2. Form the melted plastic into a parison
  3. Clamp the parison into a mold
  4. Blow any air in the parison to expand allowing it to take the shape of the mold
  5. Allow the plastic to cool and harden into the shape of the plastic pallet


Compression Molding Plastic Pallets

Compression molding plastic pallets is a cost effective process of making plastic pallets. This process minimises waste and involves:

  1. Placing the material into the mold
  2. Heating the mold whilst you apply a pressure
  3. Maintaining this pressure until the pallet cures

Although this is a slow process of creating plastic pallets, is does benefit you for reducing costs and minimising waste.

Rotational Molding Plastic Pallets

Rotational molding plastic pallets is when you ground the materials into small pieces, load them into the mold and heat until they have injected into the mold shape.
Depending on your requirements and how many pallets you are required to make, will determine which process is right for you. For more information on our plastic pallet manufacturing process or where purchase plastic pallets, contact us today.

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