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Plastic Pallets for Export

28 Apr 2022

plastic pallets export shipping

At Plastic Pallets, we manufacture pallets which make it easy to export your goods all across the world. We have a range of styles and dimensions available to ensure the plastic pallets meet the necessary shipping requirements. Our plastic pallets are manufactured to be of the highest quality and will ensure your goods remain intact throughout their shipping journey.

Why Make The Change From Wood To Plastic?

With our plastic pallets, your business will be able to have all the usual advantages wooden pallets provide for export but at a lower cost. Plastic pallets are more hygienic than wooden pallets as they are easier to clean and maintain. We also coat all of our pallets with an infestation resistant coating. This ensures foods and products exported using our pallets remain free of potential contamination during the export and import of goods. When you choose plastic pallets as your export application, you will be making a cost-effective and efficient decision.

Export Regulations 

You won’t have to worry about additional export delays with our pallets. Once they have been manufactured into the relevant shape, there is no further need for treatment or inspections required. This means you won’t get delayed during the export of your products, with ISPM 15 regualtions which lays down the heat treatment requirements for wooden pallets to provide pest control. As our pallets are already designed to feature a coating that protects them from unwanted pests.


A great bonus to plastic pallets is that they are durable and lightweight. This is a huge benefit as you can easily manoeuvre and transport your goods efficiently. These pallets will last your company years as they are manufactured to be robust and won’t easily break under heavy loads. You won’t have to constantly have to pay out for a new product every year with our pallets. You’ll also be able to use your storage efficiently as our nestable, rackable and stackable pallets are manufactured to make storing both your goods and pallets easy. This means you’ll save money by not having to pay out for a bigger storage facility.

Export Safety

Our plastic pallets are manufactured to ensure they match the dimensions seamlessly. Additionally, as they don’t require to be fitted together using nails, there won’t be the risk of potential injuries due to loose nails. The pallets also have the advantage of not having the risk of becoming splintered or chipped edges, which could potentially cause damage to the products or the person handling the products. We manufacture pallets that can hold a substantial amount of weight due to their durability. With us, you will have pallets that aren’t vulnerable to breakage or damage.

Plastic Pallets export prices

Plastic Pallet Sizing

Make sure you can easily export your products without the concern of breaking any regulations. We have three pallet size categories to choose from. These categories each have their own advantages depending on where you plan to export your products and how you want to store them beforehand.

Euro Plastic Pallets

Our Euro pallets are the standard sized pallets for use in transporting goods across Europe. You’ll have an easy time exporting your products to Europe with these pallets. By having the correct size pallet from the start when importing and exporting goods in Europe, your business can have fewer delays. Due to how they are designed, the pallets are easy to transport and move around a warehouse using standard equipment. The Euro pallets are available in four different sizes.

  1. EUR/EUR1: 800 x 1200mm
  2. EUR2: 1200 x 1000mm
  3. EUR3: 1000 x 1200mm
  4. EUR6: 800 x 600mm

Standard Plastic Pallets

The standard plastic pallets we manufacture measure 1200mm x 1000mm. You will find them to be available in a range of specifications and designs. Should you wish to save money, the pallets can be produced as a budget option that is more lightweight. However, should you need pallets that are a bit more robust, we do have heavy-duty and reinforced models available. These models will be able to have heavier loads that are stored in high rack locations. If more storage space is the main priority for you, lightweight options may be your best choice.

Non-Standard Plastic Pallets

The non-standard plastic pallets are produced with a range of specifications. You can use non-standard pallets for your business as they are suitable for a wide range of markets. Non-standard pallets are also ideal should your warehouse facility have limited storage. Our non-standard pallets can be closely matched to the area available, allowing them to fit into place seamlessly.

Plastic Pallet Export Prices

Make your business’s export service efficient with our superb plastic pallets. You can get a free and accurate quote using our online pricing tool today. Alternatively, if you have any questions and want to speak directly to our team you can use our online contact form or call on 03301 757 766. We look forward to hearing from you.

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