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Plastic Pallets For Sale

28 Apr 2022

Plastic pallets for sale

With Plastic Pallets, you will easily find pallets for sale that meet your business’s criteria. We are one of the biggest suppliers of plastic pallets, both new and used. You will be guaranteed to have high quality and long-lasting pallets with us. There’s a range of styles and sizes we have for sale. Choose the type that suits you, whether you need plastic pallets for export or storage. At Plastic Pallets, we have you covered.

Purchase your plastic pallets before 12 p.m. and receive next day nationwide delivery. Pick your pallets and order them directly online on selected products or by contacting our team using the contact form. At Plastic Pallets, we accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept BACS payments and cheques. Take a look through the pallets we have on sale today!

Why Choose Plastic Pallets? 

We manufacture plastic pallets that are durable and sustainable. When you order plastic pallets through us, you will be guaranteed to have products that last you years and are highly cost-effective. The pallets we produce have been manufactured to be user friendly and will withstand a good amount of weight. Additionally, we also have used pallets for sale that are sustainable and refurbished to ensure that they are efficient and robust. You will always be put first with us. If you have any questions regarding our services, please get in contact today using our contact form or call our friendly team on 03301 757 766.

New Pallets

The new pallets we have on sale are manufactured to be one of the most durable pallets available on the market today. We have mastered our plastic pallets design to offer pallets that are sturdy and moulded to perfection. Our pallets feature scratch-resistant materials and feature infestation resistant coating to ensure your products remain heavily protected throughout their journey. There’s a wide range of new plastic pallets we have on sale. This is because we want to ensure you find the exact pallets you need to meet your shipping and storage requirements. As an added bonus, even after years of service, the pallets can be recycled to make more pallets. When you order your pallets from us, you can do so knowing sustainability is a top priority for us.

Used Pallets

For a more cost-effective pallet, you can browse our used pallets for sale. These plastic pallets have been professionally refurbished to ensure they are as good as new, but with the bonus of being offered at a lower price. How we decide on the pricing of used pallets depends on their load capacity, size and weight. Part of our business aim is to be as sustainable as possible. We offer a pallet collection service for those who have unwanted pallets that are taking up space. The pallet collection service is used to prevent unnecessary waste by recycling unused plastic pallets. It’s an eco-friendly process that prevents pallets from ending up in landfills. Plastic has a long shelf life, especially the pallets we have on sale that are designed to have a high level of internal strength.

Benefits Of Plastic Pallets


The plastic pallet that is on sale is manufactured to feature increased structural integrity. This means our pallets are able to withstand a significant amount of weight. You won’t have to worry about our pallets splintering or breaking apart due to heavy loads. We want to ensure you are able to have a quick and efficient business without delays caused by pallets falling apart. Another bonus is that compared to other materials, the plastic pallets we have on sale won’t warp, crack or rot away over time.


It’s easy to clean plastic pallets. Our pallets can easily be cleaned off should any unwanted spills occur. You won’t have to waste time having to maintain the pallets we have on sale constantly. They will just need a wash off after use, and then they’re good to go again. There’s a reason why our plastic pallets are a favourite product for food processing and pharmaceutical businesses. The pallets we sell feature a low contamination risk and include a coating to ward off pests.


With us, you’ll easily find plastic pallets that meet your storage facility requirements. We have various pallet sizes and models that can easily save you space and ensure that you don’t need to spend money on additional storage space. For example, if you want pallets that can be stacked within each other, nestable pallets are perfect to stack when not in use and are easy to return after being used to export products as they are easy to manoeuvre. Take a look at our pallet guide to find out which plastic pallets we have on sale will meet your needs.

Plastic Pallets For Sale Prices

The plastic pallets we have on sale are available in a wide selection of dimensions and styles. Get a quote for our pallets today using the online pricing tool. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via our contact form or call on 03301 757 766. Do you have plastic pallets that you no longer need? Then fill out our online collection form, and we’d be happy to take them off your hands! We look forward to hearing from you.




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