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Recycling Plastic Crates Benefits The Environment

10 Nov 2016

As part of our commitment to the protection of the environment, we are proud to promote our plastic crates as the environmentally friendly option for both the eco-conscious and clients concerned about costs. Our crates offer a packaging option that enables the reduction and prevention of pollution, whilst their intrinsic properties make them a highly attractive packaging solution.

Plastic and Its Environmental Impact

A huge proportion of the plastics that are produced globally are used for packaging services. Unfortunately, this usage is often short-lived and means that the items are very quickly discarded and often end up in landfill. Landfill sites, in addition to being eyesores, produce a lot of CO2 as the items that have been discarded break down and deteriorate. Most plastics do not biodegrade but instead break down into smaller pieces, but discarded plastics of any size can be hazardous for local wildlife. In addition, the production of new plastics requires the use of fossil fuels, a finite source of energy and one which again releases CO2 into the atmosphere. It is for these reasons that the government has set a UK target of recycling 57% of plastics by 2020.

For these reasons, we would promote the use of plastic crates. They are the environmentally sustainable option whilst also being durable and water-resistant, making them ideal for companies seeking optimal packaging options. This is because they are easily recycled, and choosing to use them over other forms of packaging will benefit those companies seeking an economical and environmentally friendly way of packaging goods and demonstrate a commitment to waste and environmental impact reduction.

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The Recycled Product

The recycling process is fairly simple: the plastic crate is cleaned and then granulated down to a base material which is then ready for use. This base material can then be used to produce a new plastic crate. This process consumes less energy than is needed to create new plastics: the carbon footprint of the recycling process is 60% less than the carbon footprint produced when making new plastics. The collection and recycling (and reusing where appropriate) that we carry out means that less plastic is sent to landfill – further reducing environmental impact.

The recycled plastic does not compromise the performance of the crate. The recycled crates that we produce remain just as light, durable, strong and stable as newly produced crates. There are also no questions about the hygiene of the product – this remains absolutely intact, ensuring the safety and quality of the next products that are carried in the crate.

Furthermore, and perhaps fundamentally, the product is sustainable. Choosing our crates for the packaging, storage and transport of goods does not require users to decide whether to choose environmental issues or product quality as their main concern. Both are met with the recycled plastic crates that we produce.

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