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Reusable Pallets

15 Mar 2022

Reusing plastic pallets is becoming more and more popular and with good reason. As we become more aware of an impending climate crisis, the importance of recycling has increased, particularly recycling plastic. Recycling plastic pallets helps us look after the planet, as by recycling or reusing the material we avoid sending it to landfill sites.

Our Used Pallets

With a little bit of inspiration, there are many ways to repurpose our plastic pallets. For example, pallets are perfect for use as garden seating. Even lightweight plastic pallets are extremely strong. Our Nestable Plastic Pallet (AP 10) weighs only 5.3kgs, and has an approximate load capacity of 1000kg!

Another option for reusing your pallets is using them for your personal use, as storage for example. Plastic pallets tend to have a lifespan of about ten years, meaning you’ll have something that lasts a long time. Whilst pallets are primarily used for transporting products from one place to another, their large width and remarkable durability make them highly versatile.

Plastic Pallets UK started back in 1991. From a small industrial park in Basingstoke, two brothers began manufacturing and refurbishing pallets. Today, we continue to manufacture and refurbish, whilst also doing our bit to protect the environment and prevent pollution. A big part of this is selling used plastic pallets. Our used plastic pallets are uniform in quality and aesthetic. They are perfect for the storage and transportation of goods and represent a brilliant cost-effective option.

The Importance Of Sustainability

Sustainability is very important. By becoming more sustainable, we help protect natural resources for future generations. This means that everyone can enjoy a higher quality of life. By being more environmentally sustainable, we ensure a future for all. Recycling is the conversion of waste into usable materials and is the least we can all do at this point.

Recently, we have seen a trend in people upcycling their plastic pallets. Where recycling creates usable materials, upcycling is turning waste into a product of higher value. One way in which people upcycle their plastic pallets is by converting them into bespoke furniture and stairs.

Plastic pallets are perfect for businesses that work with fresh produce. This is because plastic pallets are reusable, meaning they significantly cut down on the amount of packaging waste produced. It is widely acknowledged that customers prefer to see produce in reusable plastic pallets rather than cardboard boxes. 

Our Products

As well as offering used plastic pallets, our new plastic pallets are designed to be reused too. Plastic Pallets UK sells pallets in 3 sizes; Euro Plastic 1200 x 800mm Pallets, Standard Plastic 1200 x 100mm Pallets and Non-Standard Plastic Pallets.

Our Premium Open Deck Plastic Pallet (APD1 PE G) has the highest load capacity of our Euro Plastic Pallets, at approximately 5000kg for a static load. Available from just £37.90 per unit, this pallet is suitable for continuous use in temperatures between -30 °C and +40 °C. Being made from a regranulated material of one single type, this pallet is extremely versatile.

Our used Euro Plastic 1200 x 800mm Pallets are also capable of withstanding tremendously high static loading weights. For example, our Hygienic Open Deck Plastic Pallet (APUPH1). Available from just £18.90 per unit, these pallets are typically used in environments that require hygiene and cleanliness. However, they are also appropriate for universal use, as they are long-lasting and robust. These pallets are extremely versatile.

We also stock a great range of non-standard plastic pallets. Our Premium Nestable Pallets (APLP64) provide safe spaces in warehouses and transport. Despite weighing just 1.58kg, these pallets are very strong and are designed to save floor space. They are 600 x 400 x 140 mm by measurement and made from HD-PE with outside adjustment. This makes them excessively tough, perfect for use over and over again. These pallets are available from as low as £5.80 per unit.

The Different Use Of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have many different uses. They are of course great for transporting goods, even by air. Airfreight costs can be significantly lowered through the use of lightweight plastic pallets, which are incredibly strong. They’re also great for moving pharmaceutical products. This is because HP-DE, and some other plastics used for pallets, is actually chemically inert, meaning that they don’t degrade over time.

Pallets are also customisable. A company logo can be added, making a plastic pallet ready for retail space. Particularly with pallets that stack or nest, stores can benefit from an innovative storage option. Purchase our used plastic pallets today for your business and help save money in the long run!

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