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The Risks Of Purchasing Cheap Plastic Pallets

02 Jul 2018

When shipping goods, they can only be as safe as the pallets that they are packed in for protection. The risks of purchasing cheap plastic pallets can include exposing your shipments to the dangers of spoilage or damage, all of which could be avoided when selecting a better-quality pallet or one that is better matched to the job.

Not All Pallets Are Created Equal

A strong pallet that provides a stable source of protection is absolutely vital when it comes to shipping goods and delivering them to their end destination in pristine condition. Saving money on sub-standard pallets may seem like a good idea at the time, but buying poor-quality pallets is a bad investment that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

The risks of purchasing cheap plastic pallets can also extend to costly warehouse accidents. All it takes is for one cheap pallet to splinter at the wrong moment and there could be a large number of costly broken goods, along with damage to warehouse equipment, injuries to workers and, in extreme cases, even loss of life. The risks of purchasing cheap plastic pallets are just not worth it. Why live with the anxiety about all the things that could go wrong, when choosing a better and more suitable pallet could avoid all of that misery? Accidents involving cheap pallets that have been overloaded are quite common and yet easy to eliminate when the right pallets are chosen for the job.

Criteria to Look For

When manufactured, pallets will be given a load rating indicating how much weight they can carry. Do not exceed this if you want to carry out your operations without problems. If you need a pallet that can carry more weight or can be stacked higher, then you must invest in a tougher pallet that is designed to carry this extra load. Ignoring the specifications of the pallet can lead to serious accidents. Stacking pallets and exceeding their load can lead to breakages or cause instability to the point where pallet stacks fall over, leading to expensive damage. The delays and extra effort involved in clearing up the mess after a pallet falls can also cost a business time and money.

Pallets come in a range of specifications, depending on their manufacture and design. Custom-designed pallets are more expensive, but with these you can choose the material and design to complement your goods and the shipping method so no accident will be caused by a pallet failure. Plastic is the most hygienic choice in pallets, as they can be easily cleaned and do not harbour insects or parasites. A quality pallet supplier will deliver on time, offer discounts for large orders and make custom pallets when they are needed.

For further information on the risks of purchasing cheap plastic pallets and how to avoid them, contact one of the friendly team members at Associated Pallets. They can answer your queries and give you plenty of advice on meeting your pallet and shipping needs. Call us on our Freephone number: 08000 288655. Alternatively, email us at for further assistance. In addition, we have a simple online form that can be found at: Contact us any way you like – we are happy to help.

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