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What Are The Standard Plastic Pallet Sizes?

17 Dec 2016

There has been considerable progress in boosting standardisation and re-usability around the world, but it is a fact that pallet sizes can still vary considerably in different locations.

Standardisation of the dimensions of pallets is vital in a world where global trade is increasingly common, but so is an understanding of the varying sizes of plastic pallets which still exist. It is also important to have some knowledge of the requirements of some countries in relation to pallet sizes. In Europe, for example, plastic pallets have been developed in a range of dimensions as countries cater for their own material handling requirements and operations.

plastic pallet sizes

Options on Offer at Association Pallets

At Associated Pallets, we stock a full range of UK standard sizes to ensure that we can meet the demands of any shipment. Our UK standard plastic pallet dimensions are 1200mm by 1000mm and are suitable for a huge range of industries.

They are also available in a variety of different depths and weights to suit various load capacities. Our 150mm deep UK standard 8.8kg pallets, for example, can take a load of around 1,000kg, whilst our 150.2mm 14kg option is suitable for loads of up to around 3,500kg. We also offer UK standard pallets with a depth of 152mm and a weight of 20kg which can carry around 4,000kg and specialist pallets such as our hygienic choices are tailor-made for particular industries.

Our Euro pallets, which measure 1200mm by 800mm, also provide different depths, weights and maximum load capacities to meet a multitude of different needs. Our smallest can still carry around 1,000kg, and our largest can take as much as 4,500kg.

Vast Array of Sizes Used

Our stock of UK standard and Euro standard pallets demonstrates the size differences that do exist around the world. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved six different pallet dimensions which are used around the world. As well as the Euro and UK pallets (which are also widely used in Asia), there are 1219mm by 1016mm pallets most commonly used in North America, 1165mm by 1165mm options popular in Australia, 1067mm by 1067mm pallets used in Europe, Asia and North America, and 1100mm by 1100mm pallets used in Asia.

Even within particular countries and regions, there can be an array of different-sized pallets used. In North America, for example, sizes can vary hugely depending on the specific needs of businesses and the materials and industries involved. In Europe, a wide variety of pallets have emerged, although the standard Euro pallet is now widely used.

The Importance of Pallet Knowledge

Knowing this kind of information and country-specific pallet details is vital for businesses which are looking at exporting goods around the world and want to calculate shipping charges and avoid wasting time and money on having to have goods transferred to local pallets when they arrive.

At Associated Pallets, we also understand that there are times when generic pallet sizes will not do the job. This is why we also stock a range of non-standard options alongside our UK standard and Euro standard pallets.

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