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How Strong Are Plastic Pallets?

03 Dec 2019

How Strong Are Plastic Pallets?

There’s nothing worse or more disruptive than Pallets breaking or damaging whilst in use. It can lead to delays and added costs for your business. To avoid this from happening, we simply need the answer to one question, ‘How strong are Plastic Pallets?’ Or maybe more specifically ‘what are their maximum load capacity?’

Whilst this question seems relatively simple and straightforward, there are multiple factors that can impact the answer.

Therefore, this post will provide answers incorporating different variables such as; which size pallet is being used and whether we are referring to static or dynamic load capacities.

Plastic Pallets are surprisingly strong. In fact plastic pallets tend to be stronger than their wooden alternatives, sometimes vastly so.

The Different Types Of Load?

Load capacity of pallets can vary, dynamic capacity can differ from static capacity. In order to understand how much weight a pallet can hold we need to clearly define these terms.

Static Load- A static load is defined as a non-varying load; when weight is placed on an object that is kept at rest. An example of a static load would be a set of pallets that are stacked two or three pallets high.

Dynamic Load- A dynamic load refers to the weight that is placed on an object and then put in motion.

How Much Weight Can Our Products Hold?

Our Euro Plastic Pallets have load capacities varying from 1000 kgs 5000kgs depending on the product, with the range being covered by multiple products in between.

Whilst our non-standard plastic pallets load capacity ranges from 250 kgs-4000kgs again depending on the product. Our closed deck three runner has a static load of 4000 kgs, with dimensions of 1100 x1100 mm. The closed deck three runner also has a dynamic load capacity of 1200 kg.

The standard plastic pallets have a larger capacity range, with weight capacities ranging between 1000kgs and 7500 kgs. All the standard plastic pallets come as 1200x1000mm with all pallets coming with dynamic and racking capacities as well as overall weight capacity.

Differences in Standard Plastic Pallets?

The standard plastic pallets come in different styles and models, these models result in different load capacities as well as different weights for the pallets. The strong nestable pallet weighs 6.8kgs and has a static load capacity of 1000kgs. The heavier open deck three runner pallet has a larger load capacity of 3000kg whilst weighing 13kgs.

Two examples of other types of standard pallets that have a larger load capacity are the reinforced three runner pallet and the closed deck perimeter base pallet, the former having a capacity of 4500kg and the latter having a static load capacity of 7500kgs.

How Much Weight Can An Open Deck Perimeter Base (APCR3+5) Pallet Hold?

Plastic Pallets can be very strong. For instance, our open deck perimeter base pallet has a maximum static load of 7500kg at. It has also a high dynamic and racking load of 1500kg and 1400kg.


As you can now see, plastic pallets can hold a vast range of different weights. These weights can differ also based on whether it is a static or dynamic load. Hopefully this post has helped clarify what weights different sized pallets can hold.

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